1) No severe cases of flame/mean-spiritedness. Banter is fine, but there’s a limit to it before it becomes toxic. Offensive jokes that includes but not excluded to racist or sexist jokes will be instantly kicked. Racial slurs will be given a warning, then kicked if already been warned. The warnings carry over, so if the same rank sees you make the same racial slurs then they reserve the right to kick immediately. Trolls in the FC will be kicked on sight or given a warning, depending on the severity. We reserve the right to immediately put a stop to any conversation that is getting out of control by kicking offending people.

2) No advertising leeches. Don’t advertise leeches in the FC. This also applies to asking for a team for a single kill just for Reaper title/comp cape – asking for one will result in you being turned away.

3) Avoid real-world issues like religion, politics, military, or any other such controversial subjects. All these conversations lead to is drama, so take it to PM instead. If a kick rank tells you to drop it and it’s still carrying over, expect to get kicked.

4) Absolutely no discussion of drugs or anything related. This rule is not to be taken lightly – you will be kicked if continuing bringing it up.

5) Not a rule to get kicked for, but listen to your ranks/teachers/volunteers when PvMing. They have the experience to direct you what to do for bosses and they’ll notice what you’re doing wrong. Don’t follow your gut instinct unless it’s to save yourself from death. If teachers make multiple mistakes or otherwise seem to behave inappropriately, talk to any Supervisor and we will sort it out with each other.

6) For specific bosses like Vorago, Raids, and Angel of Death, we will require you to have watched an up-to-date video of the boss and know the mechanics if you are brand-new to a boss. This works both ways: one for you to know what pops up ahead, and another so you can deal with mechanics well enough to ensure a successful kill. Do not be afraid if you have questions to ask!

7) Stay in the FC for PvM. Use the group system to organize teams, do not use a different FC.

8) Have fun! Cliché, yes, but it has to be said. RuneScape is a game, not a job.