Rank System

FC ranks are based off a mix of PvM skill and activity. Below are a list of them all:

No rank:
Just joined the FC, ready to PvM.

Friends/regulars of the FC.

– T2 skill rank in one listed boss, T1 skill rank in two listed bosses
– Must be PvMing with the FC for at least three days

– T3 skill rank in one listed boss, T2 skill rank in two listed bosses
– Must be PvMing with the FC for at least one week

– Reliable PvMer, able to fill roles at a wide variety of bosses
– Must be PvMing with the FC for at least two weeks

– Teacher rank, must have passed a teacher trial and have T3 in the relevant boss wanting to teach.

– Counselor rank, these are exceptional teachers, able to show among the best of best in PvM and teaching ability.

– Supervisor rank, these are responsible for managing the FC, the Discord server, and are the elite teachers and PvMers of the FC.

Skill Ranks

T1: Solo Nex within 5 minutes
T2: Nex with Berserk essence

T1: TL5
T2: Base/bomb with at least an acceptable % of MD vokes
T3: DPS base/bomb with Berserk essence, using optimal DPS rotations

T1: Basic RotS DPS using optimal rotations
T2: Inciting Melee brothers
T3: Inciting + Berserk essence DPS

T1: T1 in both bosses OR T2 in one boss
T2: T2 in both bosses OR T3 in one boss
T3: T3 in both bosses

Beastmaster Durzag
T1: Can do all of the following roles on a nihil/titan: pet tank, chargers
T2: Can backup tank Durzag on a nihil/titan or base on a yak
T3: DPS base on a nihil/titan

T1: Can stun +5 and shark +10 and CPR or poison tank within the same kill
T2: Can nihil/titan T1 roles and nihil/titan north tank or yak base
T3: Base on a titan/nihil

T1: Minion tanking + knowledge of mechanics and trio basing
T2: Knows one of the base roles
T3: Knows two of the base roles

To apply for a rank, go to #applications in our Discord channel and copy-paste the appropriate application, then fill it out accordingly.

The skill tiers are NOT to be used to discriminate against for forming teams, but rather to see yourself how good you are in bosses and to encourage yourself to push higher to get better.