The following bosses will be available for private lessons with the help of an in-game teacher:

  • All God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses
  • Nex
  • Barrows: Rise of the Six
  • Kalphite King
  • Araxxor
  • Vorago
  • Nex: Angel of Death

The following bosses will be available partially now, and more fully once the screensharing Discord update is released:

  • All God Wars Dungeon 2 bosses (solo)
  • Nex (solo)
  • Araxxor (solo)
  • Telos

Once screensharing is available, spectator teaching will be available for any boss, based on teacher availability.

An announcement will be made when lessons become available. For information about individual teachers, when they are available, what bosses they teach, and whether or not they will require you to use voice chat, please see the Boss School teachers sheet here.

Each teacher makes their own requirements for what gear they expect their students to have; this info may be found here. To schedule a lesson with a teacher, please enter the Boss School discord and join the channel “#lessons”. If you have found a teacher whose requirements and timezone suit you, feel free to ping them directly. When planning a lesson, please include the following in your message:

  • In-game name
  • Timezone and/or preferred lesson time
  • Boss to learn
  • A screenshot of your stats, equipment, and any other items that may be required
  • Whether or not you are willing to use voice chat or at least listen in
  • Your preferred teacher (optional)