The second Raid boss for RuneScape, Yakamaru’s sheer power crushes the unprepared teams and separates the prepared teams from the scattered ones. Team up to take down the former guardian of Mazcab or face annihilation!

General Information

LP: 5,600,000+ (split-up between pools/phases)
Attack Styles: Ranged, Magic
Max hit: Variable (3,000 base damage)
Weakness: None

Yakamaru’s Ranged attack hits everyone within 15+ squares of the current pool its in, but if you’re within two squares of him in Melee distance, you’ll be hit with Magic instead, but they still both hit equally as hard. Just like Beastmaster Durzag, they pierce block chance, but armor is still important because just like with Durzag, if you “blocked” the hit you take reduced damage overall.

Yakamaru can spawn jellyfish, both during a pool and after a “secondary” pool is finished (more on this later). There are six kinds of jellyfish: normal, Meleefish, piercing, magical, reflecting, and durable jellyfish.

The normal jellyfish is the most dangerous. They are capable of hitting rapid 2.5k, accurate Melee hits in a 5×5 AoE from the jelly’s target, and has 50,000 LP. Fortunately, it’s susceptible to binds, so a simple Binding Shot/Tight Bindings/Ice Barrage/Entangle is enough to completely nullify its damage.

Meleefish, piercing, magical, reflecting, and durable jellyfish are all the same jellies from the canal puzzle, so they behave as you remember them to be. They all have 30,000 LP, and Melee/piercing/magical attack in their own respective style while durable jellyfish can heal Yakamaru and other jellies nearby. Reflecting reduces the amount of damage the Melee/piercing/magical jellies take while reflecting some of that damage back and is invulnerable to all damage, but dies when the other jellies die as well.


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.04.12 PM.png

General setup

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.02.56 PM.png

Base tank setup


Base Tank. This is Yakamaru’s main target and the person to properly manage the higher damage taken.

Poison Tank. This role grabs Yakamaru’s poison at the end of each pool and takes it to him to proceed with the kill. More on this later.

CPR. This role rescues the poison tank after he poisons Yakamaru. More on this later.

3 North Tanks. These roles, making up stun DPS and sand tank distract/kill mirages up north to prevent them from killing the rest of the team. More on this later.

Shark Tag. This role vokes shark pool on mirage phase to prevent it from unfairly killing DPSers during the final part of the fight and finishes it off. More on this later.

Combat Abilities

As noted before, Yakamaru can pierce block chances, but does reduced damage if you had “blocked” it.

Max hit is once again determined by enrage, just like Durzag. This time, though, Yakamaru’s enrage stacks are much more potent, but thankfully they do not reset Defence abilities like Durzag does. Each stack of enrage is 20% extra damage, up to 20 total stacks for 400% extra damage. Once again, Freedom removes halved stacks, rounded down.

Yakamaru has two specials always no matter where he is: spawning a jellyfish or turning an attacking non-target into a waterman.

Jellyfish: Yakamaru will shoot out a jellyfish within 5 squares of a random player (including the base tank!) with 50k LP and a max hit of 2500 with Melee. These jellies have a 5×5 AoE range from it target, so if you see one running around, run away from it. They are susceptible to all binds and stuns though, so bind them with Binding Shot/Tight Bindings/Ice Barrage/Entangle, run away, and you’ll be fine.

When a jelly spawns, up to 5 geysers will also spawn with it. If you step on it, you will take a 1.8k Magic hit, but the jelly will take a 10k hit. This does not stack if multiple people stand on the same geyser. Resonance and other Defence abilities work on the Magic hit, so you can get a good heal from geysers.

Waterman: Yakamaru will randomly turn a non-target into an entity of water. If left unattended, you will be hit for 1500, then 2500, then 3500, then 4500. To negate the damage, you have to stand next to someone to pass the water. You cannot pass to a person that had already turned into water already, so always stay above 5k LP if you get blued indefinitely. The general term for this condition is getting “blued”.

Aside from the middle pool, there are four other pools in the arena and Yakamaru cycles through them in this order: tendrils, shark, sand, and stun pool. The first pool is random between the four pools though, so for example if it starts at sand pool, it’ll go as sand -> stun -> tendrils -> shark.

Middle Pool

Attack Rotation: 3 attacks – Jellyfish – 3 attacks – Waterman

Not much special here. Yakamaru will hop pools per 200k damage dealt to him in this pool.

After you clear a special pool (like shark or sand pool), Yakamaru will return to the middle pool and spawn special jellies, the very same ones from the canal puzzle. As a reminder, these jellies consist of a Meleefish, piercing jellyfish, magical jellyfish, and either a reflecting or durable jellyfish. All of these jellies have a low max hit, but to make up for it they have extremely fast attack speeds.

What you should be looking out for is the durable or reflecting jellyfish. The durable jellyfish can heal all jellies for 2500 and Yakamaru for 5000 fairly rapidly, and reflecting jellyfish are completely immune to almost all damage but die when all other special jellies die. When reflecting jellies are up, all special jellies that spawned with it take 50% less damage and reflect 25% damage back to the attackers.

Tendril Pool

Attack Rotation: 4 Attacks – Jellyfish – 4 Attacks – Waterman – 4 Attacks – Tendrils

Tendrils: Yakamaru will summon a huge AoE wave of tendrils to the main target and entangle the top 5 DPS against Yakamaru. Reflect damage does not count towards this damage. The AoE tendrils does rapid 2000 hits per tick, up to 6 times, so it can very easily kill unprepared base tanks extremely quickly. Fortunately the AoE tendrils don’t reset defensive abilities, so you can use Barricade/Immortality against them. The entangling tendrils, however, put all defensive abilities on cooldown for 18 seconds, negates channeled abilities like Rapid Fire and Asphyxiate, and binds you in place no matter where you are on the map, so make sure that if you’re attacking tendril pool, you stay within range at all times. If people get choked, the AoE tendrils will not hurt them until they get freed from tendrils. To be freed from tendrils, the team needs to do enough damage to Yakamaru to free themselves.

Shark Pool

Attack Rotation: 4 Attacks – Jellyfish – 4 Attacks – Waterman – 4 Attacks – Sharks

Sharks: Yakamaru will charge up a whirlpool around him, charging up a massive cluster of sharks to fling at the team. They will home in on players, so they have to run away from the sharks when they land, NOT immediately. Each shark is treated like a solid object, so you can’t run through them. Sharks do around 2000 damage each, but since multiple can hit you it can easily KO you from full LP. They all explode with a 3×3 radius.

Sand Pool

Attack Rotation: 4 Attacks – Waterman – 4 Attacks – Jellyfish – 4 Attacks – Sand

Sand: The ground beneath the team except for two people will soften, trapping them in quicksand. To free people, those that were not trapped in sand should click on people that are trapped to free them immediately. After those people are freed, they should also go out and free others as well. Failure to free people will eventually have them killed if left unattended for far too long. This resets all defensive abilities, so be wary of that if you’re tanking.

Stun Pool

Attack Rotation: 6 Attacks – Jellyfish – 7 Attacks – Waterman

Unlike the other three pools, this has no gimmicks in terms of special attacks. Instead, Yakamaru has damage reduction that increases the more the team attacks. At the start of the pool, Yakamaru will spawn with a head attuned to a random combat style. He will take a huge amount of extra damage from the same style as his head and a medium amount of extra damage from the other styles, then for each hit taken the extra damage will lower by a little bit. Eventually with enough hits, he will grow complete immunity to the styles not attuned to his head, while the correct style will only do normal damage.

This is where stunning comes in. Stuns resets the damage reduction back to the inflated damage taken, and the style Yakamaru is attuned to will shift to a random style. As retaliation, Yakamaru will damage everyone for hit ranging from 1000 to 5000, depending on how far the damage reduction goes. If Yakamaru is at 100% damage reduction, the stun will hit 1000. If you immediately stun Yakamaru right after stunning him, you’ll do 5000 damage, which an kill a team extremely quickly.

The following counts as a stun:

Melee: Backhand, Kick, Destroy, Forceful Backhand, Stomp
Ranged: Binding Shot, Tight Bindings (Rapid Fire is fine)
Magic: Impact, Deep Impact, Asphyxiate

Ice Barrage and dreadnip stuns don’t trigger the stun damage.


When Yakamaru hits 100k LP in a pool, he will spit out a poison that will be within 5 squares of a randomly picked teammate (including the base tank!) It’s up to one person to find it, then step on it to catch the poison. The poison is incurable by any normal means, and it does rapid 800s to the poisoned person. The person who caught the poison must go within Melee distance of Yakamaru as the pool is finished off. Yakamaru will be lured to the poisoned person and suck him up, then spit him out to the south area of the arena. The poison tank is rendered completely incapacitated due to drowning, so you need the CPR to click on the poison tank to revive before the poison tank dies from drowning.

When the poison tank washes up, 5 planks will spawn. You will need these for later, which will be covered in the next section.

Yakamaru will reappear in the middle pool and turn green from the poison. When he’s in his poisoned state, he takes doubled damage. This poison is cleared when a special jellyfish touches Yakamaru.

Mirage Phase

When the middle pool hits 50k LP, Yakamaru will disappear and summon four mirages of himself, each occupying a pool except for middle pool. They all have the same mechanics and attack rotations as the normal pools, except for two differences:

  • Tendril spec requires much less damage dealt to be freed from.
  • Sand spec can be completely avoided by going out of range.

Each mirage has 150k LP, and hit slightly harder than Yakamaru normally. When you kill a mirage, it will fly up in the air, immobilized for around 5 seconds. What you need to do is go Melee distance and spam click the light-blue bubble covering the pool (for reference, it’s the light-blue bubble that you click on to start the Yakamaru fight at the beginning). For tendril and sand pool, you can block it with the sand next to the pool, without anything special. If you spam click right from the get-go, one person can fill the pool with 3 batches of sand. You need 10 batches of sand to block tendril/sand pools. For shark/stun pool however, you need to use planks that spawn with the washed up poison tank. Shark/stun pool both need 10 planks each, so you need to have a selection of people with 10 planks in total to block a pool. The planks are used automatically all at once when clicked, so you don’t need to spam click like with tendrils/sand.

Failure to block the pools on time will cause the mirage to resurface with full LP, forcing you to kill the mirage again to get another chance to block it.

Once all four pools are blocked, Yakamaru will return to the middle pool. Finish him off and you’ve got the kill done!

The Fight

DPS Rotations

Generally, Yakamaru doesn’t have many DPS-wasting specials, so you can just wail at him with the best DPS rotations available. Refer to the optimal ultimate DPS as an idea for good DPS rotations. When jellies spawn, prioritize on killing them ASAP.

On shark pool, standing directly on the north side of tendril pool will let you avoid 95% of sharks. Careful not to let any drag you in though, since they’re treated as solid objects just like vitalis at Vorago.

On sand pool, you must prioritize freeing people from sand first before doing more DPS. Freeing people is more important than focusing on DPS on that phase, otherwise you’re going to kill people on the team.

On stun pool, just remember to not use stun abilities. This hurts dual wield Melee/Magic a lot due to no Destroy/Asphyxiate available, but it’s not too bad on DPS for Ranged/2h Melee.

After a pool is finished, you’ll want immediately get on Yakamaru and force him into the next phase immediately. This is called “phasing”, and this is most efficient because you do doubled damage and less 50k jellies spawn, and the more 50k jellies that spawn, the longer it takes to get through the kill. When you’re phasing, ignore all jellies that spawn until Yakamaru jumps pools.

The only exception is if the next pool is sand or mirage, where most teams just kill jellies immediately. You can phase into sand/mirage in a very good team, but be very prepared for sand spec/mirages to deal with.

Poison Tank

This is literally a DPS that just finds the poison, grabs it, then goes MD as Yakamaru is finished off. After that, the tank just gets washed up and gets revived by the CPR.


Another DPS that just clicks on the washed up poison tank once and waits a bit until CPR is done reviving the tank. Again, very simplistic.

Shark Tag

On mirage, this is the person that holds shark’s aggression and lures away from the DPS pile so they don’t get drenched. Minimal tanking is needed – just lay down your damage-boosting ultimate and DPS the pool down as quickly as you can. Typically, shark tags also carry 5 or 10 planks to immediately board up the pool, since they’re in MD, typically west or south of the pool.

Stun DPS

You have two DPSers at the start of mirage to target stun pool and kill it and block the pool as soon as it appears. They start off with Wild Magic/Snapshot, Dragonbreath/Snipe, Devotion, adrenaline potion to 100%, then Onslaught to finish off the pool and kill it. It’s as simple as that, for the most part.

Should a stun DPS get blued, that DPS should tank 2 hits of the blue then pass it onto the other stun DPS. The non-blued stun DPS should stay there to keep channeling Onslaught, then immediately when the blue is passed eat up to avoid getting KOed by both the blue and Yakamaru’s attacks. If a jelly spawns, either have the sand tank grab it or stun DPSers just bind it and continue killing the pool.

Sand Tank

This person tanks sand pool the entirety of mirage. Basically a base tank lite, except you’ll have to deal with jellies by running around. Typically, sand tanks pack Magic with Ice Barrage, but the optimal setup is Entangle with debuffs for the pool. Optionally, you can voke stun pool to you so the stun DPSers won’t need to get drenched by stun pool. Ranged is fine if you pack bolas though.

If you want, you can just forgo tanking and just DPS down the pool using your damage-boosting ultimate and going ham on the pool so when the DPSers finish with shark and tendrils, they don’t need to DPS as much. Don’t do this unless you’ve done enough tanking, however.

Each person picks up 5 planks for the pool.

Base Tank

In general Yakamaru base tanking follows a pattern of what to do, similarly to Vorago tanking. The biggest difference is that Yakamaru just hurts a lot and attacks rapidly, so your choice of defensive ability will matter very heavily.

A sample base tank rotation can go like this:

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.19.31 PM.png

Ultimately though, tanking at Raids is highly dynamic due to the fact that there’s just a much bigger emphasis on autoattacks from Yakamaru and not really any case of using X ability at Y time all the time (although staying true to that saying for very certain abilities like saving Barricade for tendril/shark spec is always good). In the end, there’s this bullet point list to note:

  • Freedom at 3+ stacks, but NEVER before Devotion/Barricade as it would just increase enrage stacks for no reason
  • Reflect is prioritized over Debilitate due to greater reliability
  • Follow up Resonance with Preparation
  • Save Barricade for tendril/shark specials
  • Turtling 3 with T90 shield is enough to block all four autoattacks AND shark/part of tendril damage
  • Letting Immortality proc the hit right before sand spec completely avoids it
  • Immortality > Barricade for stun pool in case for accidental stuns
  • Rejuvenate spam throughout the fight is be very good for drastically reducing food usage
  • Optimal time to use ANY defensive ability is the first autoattack right after a spec, especially for Devotion/Barricade
  • Base tanks tendril pool on mirage first no matter if tendrils or shark first

Look at the attack rotations and plan your abilities around them.


Better Not Touch

This is one of the hardest feats as it involves everyone grabbing the poison and one person getting revived, meaning you have to do mirage with 9 people poisoned. When you’re at the last pool, have everyone (including base!) DD at 130k LP. When the poison spawns, everyone should run on it to grab the poison. Once everyone has the poison, the base tank should run in Melee distance to get revived while everyone else tanks the poison all the way through mirage.

Since the stun DPS have poison, using Onslaught would be ineffective, and Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine is not as good as Onslaught. Therefore, the sand tank should bring Ancients with Intercept to block the stun DPSers’ poison/Ranged damage for 10 seconds so stun pool dies just as easily as normal. The DPSers down south at shark/tendrils will just have to deal with the poison and repeatedly eat up.

Throughout the kill, EVERYONE should be packing good food like rocktail soups and brew flasks. Put brew flasks in your yak if you need. Rotate Ice Asylums as much as possible and focus on getting a smooth, painless kill instead of trying to rush DPS. On mirage phase, it may be beneficial to have jelly wrangler so jellies don’t kill people when DPSing down mirages.

No one can die during the feat attempt. You can use a sign of life, but if you die, the feat is failed.

Day at the Aquarium

This is the easiest feat at Yakamaru, as it just requires a reflecting and durable jellyfish to stay alive by the end of the kill. The first two pools go ahead as normal, then on the third pool you’ll have to keep those certain jellies alive. If the jelly is a durable jellyfish, you can kill all of the colored jellies. If the jelly is a reflecting, kill the meleefish and magical jellyfish and leave the piercing jellyfish alive. For the fourth pool, do the same thing for the other jellyfish. Have one person dedicated to tank the jellyfish run all the way down south (at the place where you first enter the arena). Lure them and just sit there while the other 9 people just kill Yakamaru normally.

How to make friends and influence people

Another fairly easy feat at Yakamaru. Basically, you need to Asphyxiate stun pool and have all four hits land while everyone lives. Naturally, under normal circumstances this just means instant death as you’d have to tank what adds up to 16k damage within 4.8 seconds. Instead, you need a different strategy. Have everyone but the base and a DPS (on Ancients with Ice Barrage and Intercept) run north while everyone else runs south of tendril pool. Up north, the DPS should Barricade under Natural Instinct/adrenaline potion, then Intercept the base, then Asphyxiate. To increase accuracy, you can use a combination of Quake, Guthix staff, and Statius’s warhammer.

During the attempt, no one can sign or use a phoenix necklace. This is because the Asphyxiate feat automatically fails if people die, and signs/phoenix necklaces activating counts as a death. Therefore, everyone needs to make sure they live and not make any dumb mistakes.

All Together Now

This is by far the absolute hardest feat for Raids. On mirage, you have to block all pools within 10 seconds. Doing this requires a lot of coordination, timing, and teamwork to complete.


  • Base tank (Tendril tank)
  • Shark tank + 10 planks
  • Sand tank
  • Stun tank + 10 planks
  • 2-3 north DPS (pre-fillers)
  • 2-3 tendrils DPS (pre-fillers)
  • Jelly wrangler

Assign each person on your team to do whatever and you’re good to go.


At the start of mirage, you need to divide the team into two groups: stun/sand (north) and tendrils/shark (south).The north DPSers should start on stun, then attack it until 60k. If the stun tank’s style match stun pool’s head, get off at 80k. After that, they move onto sand and kill it. Meanwhile, the south DPS should get on tendrils and kill it as well. However, you only have the three people actively blocking sand/tendril pool at first. You purposefully let sand/tendrils resurface after blocking 9 out of 10 sands needed. As the feat requires complete blocking of all pools within 10 seconds, an immediate block with one click is key when you actually get around to blocking.

Once both sand/tendrils are finished with pre-filling, the sand and tendril DPSers should start lowering sand/tendrils to around 40k-50k. After that, both DPS groups should start piling shark to around 30k LP. When that is done, have designated people to start going on their assigned pools to lower to ~10k to help finish them off with Onslaught, damage boosting ultimates, or just thresholds. BE VERY CAREFUL WITH REFLECT DAMAGE!

Once all pools are lowered to 10k each, the killing should start right as stun pool stuns. The stun tank should call it out, then the DPSers designated to go attack the pools should Onslaught and block pools. However, you need to have other people call out if sand/tendril specs happen, otherwise they will ruin the attempt and lead to a failed feat due to immobilizing people or stalling damage.

The jelly entangler should run around grabbing every single jelly in sight. Once all eight jellies spawn, the jelly tank should head to the middle pool then just bind them all so jellies no longer plague the feat. Run around the pool so they can’t get at you easily.


Although somewhat challenging, this is a very straightforward feat. You basically need to kill Yakamaru twice in one inventory. After mirage is finished, you need to lure a durable jellyfish to Yakamaru so he restores to full LP and restarts the fight. When the second durable jellyfish spawns, get someone to lure it south like you do for the Aquarium feat. Once the last mirage pool is blocked, kill all jellies on the screen while the jelly lurer brings the durable to Yakamaru.

There’s nothing more to say other than to conserve your supplies to the best you can. Rotate Ice Asylums, take the best food possible, play it safe, etc.