Beastmaster Durzag

The very first Raid boss in RuneScape, Beastmaster Durzag has a lot to live up to with highly powerful attacks and nasty pets at his disposal. See for yourself if you have what it takes to liberate the Goebie prisoners!

General Information

LP: 1,500,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Ranged
Max hit: Variable (Melee, 2000 (Ranged)
Weakness: None

Durzag’s Melee hit is a 3×3 AoE from the target’s spot, while his Ranged attacks can randomly hit anyone in the room.

He is accompanied by two pets: Tuz and Krar, both with 700k LP. Tuz attacks with both Magic and Melee while Krar attacks with Ranged and Melee. Both have special passives that makes tanking them a bit tricky to deal with, but with a good ability rotation and care, you should be completely fine.

Right before you fight Durzag, you have to kill the airut and charger horde first. It’s basically wave after wave of more powerful airut and chargers, which are dogs with 15k LP that attack with Melee, but grow stronger and stronger as they attack. They can also, as their name implies, charge at enemies, so just because you stepped away from them doesn’t mean you’re 100% safe. After the airut horde, Durzag and his pets will step in to destroy the intruders.


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.04.12 PM.png

DPS/pet tank setup

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.02.56 PM.png

Base tank setup


1 or 2 base tanks. These are Durzag’s primary targets and their job is to take Durzag’s attacks head-on and make sure he doesn’t kill the rest of the team.

2 pet tanks. These tanks are used to tank the pets so they don’t kill the team.

Charger duties are there so the tanks have an easier time. There are usually 2 of them. More on this later.

Combat Abilities

Beastmaster Durzag is quite more advanced compared to bosses before. For one, all of his attacks are 100% accurate, just like Vorago’s blue bombs. However, armor is still very important, as blocked hits have less overall damage by 50%!

His max hit varies greatly based on his enrage on his target, which is basically a multiplier to damage. Every time he attacks you, his enrage builds up by one, up to a cap of 15 stacks. Each stack is an additional 6.6% damage, so for example if you have 10 stacks, Durzag will do 66.6% extra damage to you, which can really add up! At no stacks he can hit up to 3000 without any prayer, so be careful.

Durzag has a few “levels” in terms of enrage marked by chat messages. When Durzag first attacks a target, he/she will get the message “The beastmaster directs his rage at you!” This is the first level of enrage. The second level of enrage (“The beastmaster’s rage increases at you!”) is marked by a 3 second reset of all of your Defence abilities after 5 stacks of enrage. The third level (“The beastmaster is furious with you!”) is marked by a 6 second reset of all of your Defence abilities. The fourth level has no message, but it’s signified by Durzag consistently resetting your Defence abilities 6 seconds every time.

There are two ways to remove enrage stacks: Freedom or having someone voke Durzag. Freedom removes half of the stacks on you rounded down, so for example if you have 7 stacks, you’ll have 3 stacks of enrage. Voking is the most fool-proof way of removing stacks – after around 20 seconds, Durzag’s enrage against his previous target will reset to 0 stacks.

Durzag has three specials: airut spec, charger cages, and bombs. Airut spec is when he unleashes a barrage of rapid Melee hits to the target and may potentially drag in nearby people, which can lead to a swift death. Durzag can also randomly spawn some charger cages around him that will eventually open up and release the charger within. As for bombs, periodically he will throw out one bomb that will land somewhere near a random teammate across the room, and after a few minutes it will go off, do 2k damage, and reset all Defence abilities for 6 seconds. You can defuse it by clicking it on it, but if you’re not 99 Thieving, you may fail the defuse, so multiple clicks may be required.

His two pets, Tuz and Krar, are also pretty powerful. Like him, they all have 100% accuracy, but they don’t have enrage that directly increases their max hit. Both can use Melee, and they have the same area radius as Durzag does with Melee hits. Tuz is the Magic user while Krar uses Ranged. They both carry special effects that act similarly to enrage, but in the end do different things and naturally goes away if no attacks or reapplications after 10 seconds. It also doesn’t apply on “missed” hits, so better armor still means something when tanking.

For both pets, if you’re attacked by their Melee attack, they will inflict a bite on you. This passive is very similar to Durzag’s damage increase – in fact, it’s almost word-for-word the same, 6.66% more damage per stack. Their long-ranged attacks are different, though. For one, they fire in an arc in their general direction, so anyone that’s within their line of sight and peripheral vision is getting hit by their attacks. Anyway, Tuz’s Magic passive is a bleed that hits the target every 1.8 seconds. It grows stronger and stronger the more it’s applied, as low as 200 without prayer to as high as 800 without prayer. Use Freedom as much as possible to clear it when it’s active, and Preparation/Revenge are great tools for defensive/offensive play. Krar’s passive is completely non-existent though, as it’s just run energy drain in a game where run energy is mostly pointless in PvM, so no need to use Freedom there. Careful if you have low Agility and the kill takes a long time however, as if you get energy drained while you have none, you get stunned for around 3 seconds.

Randomly, Durzag will point to the top DPS on Durzag (needs confirmation), causing a random pet to jump out and Barge at that person. The DPS will be stunned for 3 seconds, but this is enough time to quickly switch to Melee prayer to halve incoming damage or pull out a shield for Resonance. Right after for a few seconds, however, anyone that was stunned will be hit for a 2123 Melee hit that’s unblockable by Devotion/Resonance, so eat up when you get that.

The Fight

After all of the initial airut and chargers are killed, Beastmaster Durzag and either Krar or Tuz (randomized between the two) will spawn at the northside, while across the walls of the arena chargers will appear, locked behind the cages within the wall. At this point, charger duties start running to the cages and free them. After freeing all of the chargers, they meet up at a common place (most commonly the southwest corner) and kill all of the chargers with AoE abilities like Detonate, Corruption Shot, and Tsunami.

The base tanks then attack Durzag and lure him to the southeast corner. Meanwhile, one of the two pet tanks tag the first pet and lure him to an unoccupied corner (northwest or northeast corners). All of the DPS should start attacking the first pet and bringing it down to 100k.

When the first pet goes to 500k LP, the second pet will spawn in another random corner, and any chargers not freed from the cages will be freed. The second pet tank should take the pet to another unoccupied corner and start tanking it. After the first pet goes to 100k LP, the DPS should move onto the second pet and lower that to 100k as well. Once both pets are lowered, the DPS should move onto Durzag and lower his LP to 750k. After that, kill both pets and start to finish off Durzag.

After Durzag hits 750k LP, he gains an attack speed buff and switches his airut spec for an AoE Melee smash. This attack is in around a 9×9 (?) radius around Durzag, and it can easily KO from full LP with no prayer up (even two-hit with just Melee prayer up!). This doesn’t contribute to enrage stacks, only normal punches do. However, enrage stacks still boosts smash damage. He also spawns more charger cages and bombs. Ignore the chargers and just tank them, but when bombs are thrown, all of the DPS needs to work on defusing all of the bombs, else people can be easily KOed.

Alternatively in very good teams: after lowering the second pet to 100k, simply kill off both pets at the same time, then get on Durzag. This is more dangerous for the base tanks, but due to less time wasted getting on Durzag then getting on pets then back to getting on Durzag, this leads to much quicker kills.

Kill Durzag, and loot for a chance for a Codex/Achto piece!

Tank Rotations

Krar Pet Tank

This is laughably easy. Just keep the pet on you and dual wield the entire way through until you need to heal up with Resonance or you’re low on LP. Use Devotion and DPS down Krar while keeping an eye on your health. Don’t stand in MD – just tank the Ranged hits, even if you’re using Magic.

Tuz Pet Tank

This isn’t as easy as Krar tank, but it’s still not that bad.

If you’re tanking with Ranged, stand afar to tank his Magic attacks. You can still dual wield tank most of it like you can with Krar, but since the bleeds can get in the way of Resonance healing you can choose to just defender/shield camp until you get Devotion to dual wield DPS. Preparation/Revenge are very good abilities to use here, as they give a big boost to Resonance and DPS respectively. Freedom as much as possible when the bleed is applied.

If you’re tanking with Magic, it’s actually better to stand in MD, as the increased damage passive is actually less of a hassle over the bleed. Since there are no bleeds, you can’t abuse Preparation/Revenge as much, but in exchange you can use Resonance much easier. Continue to use Freedom as much as possible when the extra damage debuff is applied on you.

Durzag Base Tank

Basing is probably the hardest role here, but that’s to be expected. He hits somewhat slower than pets, but hits harder and the enrage makes things a bit harder to plan around.

At the start, you’ll want to not use Devotion, but rather save it for the next level of enrage. Instead, use Reflect to take the first few hits. DPS Durzag down while you tank the first few hits. Once the next level of enrage hits, use Freedom and Debilitate, and switch to your offhand and DPS more. Keep going until Debilitate runs out and you hit the next level of enrage, then you can start shield-camping a bit more as enrage builds. Spam Freedom as much as possible and use shield abilities to the best you can. Do not use Immortality in case Durzag suddenly resets your Defence abilities, and save Devotion for when Durzag uses his airut spec.

Durzag will periodically spawn charger cages near you. Ignore them as they spawn and just tank them, but be careful if using Resonance in case one of them snipes it.

When Durzag hits 750k LP, he becomes much, much more dangerous. He loses the airut special, but instead gains a massive AoE smash (9×9 from his area!!) that can potentially two-hit even non-targets without prayer. As a side-effect, though, it also damages nearby pets and chargers for 4,400 damage, so if he spams it enough, he’ll end up killing his own chargers by himself. Before that, though, when Durzag is getting piled by the DPS, save Devotion and start building up to 100% adrenaline for Barricade. When Durzag hits 750k, he has a random chance of putting all of your Defence abilities on cooldown for over 30 seconds, so the most you can do is just eat up and use Anticipation to shave off as much damage as possible. If you get lucky and you have Raids armor, a reset can help immensely in warding off enough damage.

Post-750k, Durzag starts to hit for over 6k per hit through prayer. Fortunately, since he will mostly spam AoE smashes, they don’t contribute to enrage building, so you’re free to use Freedom more often to clear enrage stacks. However, at this point, you want to use Barricade, Resonance, Preparation, then Devotion then in that order. After Devotion runs out, Resonance should be back to use again, so use it again then cycle through Debilitate, Reflect, or Freedom.

If you need help, have someone stand in the backup base spot and voke. That person should use Devotion first, then thresholds to do more DPS, then switch to a shield and use Barricade. After Barricade runs out, the main tank should voke back to tank again. Use Resonance, Reflect, or Debilitate until Devotion/Barricade comes back.

Repeat until Durzag is killed.


Prison Break

Literally the easiest feat possible. Just do the kill normally and you’ll probably get it accidentally.

One More Couldn’t Hurt…

Also another easy feat. Just have a third pet tank and completely ignore Cormes.

Day at the Pound

Yet again another easy feat. Just instead of having 2 people grabbing chargers, they just DPS. The active pet tank should Barricade when chargers are released so they don’t take much damage from them.

Gong Maintenance Expert

Once more an easy feat. Just have someone repair gongs while the kill is going on. You’ll be 9 manning when that’s going on, but having one less person temporarily isn’t a big deal.

Animal Cruelty

This is actually a fairly difficult feat in a good team (although ironically in a bad team you might accidentally get it). You need to get Durzag to kill pets for you, and there’s two ways of doing it: luring bombs into pets or luring Durzag to pets and getting him to spam his AoE smash to kill the pets outright. If you’re luring bombs, only have a max of 4 people DDing on a pet to reduce the chances of getting KOed from full LP. If you’re luring Durzag, the base tank should be careful as he can hit incredibly high due to increased accuracy. Have the back-up base lure Durzag so enrage stacks aren’t as high.