A general of Zaros and one of the strongest beasts known to man – Nex! Capable of ripping apart any unprepared player with a large amount of special attacks and mechanics, Nex is something to be careful around if new.

To kill Nex, at bare minimum you need access to all GWD rooms (70 Strength, Ranged, etc). You need to kill members within each faction until you get a frozen key piece, one for each faction. Once you assembled them all, go to the frozen door east of Armadyl’s lair. Before that, though, make sure you buy ancient ceremonial robes from the GE – all five pieces of them.

Through the door lies Zaros’s forces. They are permanently aggressive to you (unless you have a Shard of Zaros from the Fate of the Gods quest), and you’ll need to run past them. Equip your ancient ceremonial robes to get through the next door and you’ll enter a safe area with a bank before the arena.

Recommended stats are 80+ combat stats with level 80+ weapons and level 70+ armor. Overloads and yaks are also extremely helpful, though you can always downgrade to warmaster potions and tortoises. Completion of Ritual of the Mahjarrat for the Stone of Jas boost (5% extra damage) also helps a bit.

General Information

Nex has 200,000 LP, has a max hit of 2000 without prayer, and has five phases in the fight. She is capable of attacking with all combat styles, but only uses two at a time. In addition, her Ranged/Magic attacks, unless on Blood Phase, strikes everyone within the room within her attack radius, even if you’re hiding behind a structure, so be careful on that.

In addition, she has a soft-cap at 5000. A soft-cap is a threshold where all damage above that threshold is reduced by 75%, so big, chunky hits are at a slight disadvantage.

She also has four minions to fight during the battle, with 10,000 LP and a max hit of 800 with Magic. They are immune to Magic attacks and have their own soft-cap on damage at 1000.

Nex can also randomly use protection Prayers throughout the fight, or more specifically Deflect Missiles and Deflect Magic. For a kill, she will pick either one and use it randomly throughout the kill, lasting for 2 minutes. For the next kill, she will alternate to the other deflect curse. The trigger is completely up to chance – sometimes it may never happen, sometimes it may happen right at the beginning of the kill. If you try to attack with the protected style, you will receive reflected damage ranging from 1000 to 2700.

So in terms of order, it goes like this: Kill #1: Magic pray – Kill #2: Ranged pray – Kill #3: Magic pray – Kill #4: Ranged pray – etc.

The first kill of instances is always Deflect Magic first. Additionally, after system updates, the first Nex kill is the same deal.


Augmented T90/Nex armor is still the way to go, but Void is an acceptable welfare choice. If using Void, however, make sure you have your Magic defense as the lowest defense stat on your loadout, else Nex will MD you and that’ll cause problems. More on that later in the guide.

Inventory: Overloads, Super Prayer renewals, Prayer restore potions (either Prayer potions or super restore), replenishment/adrenaline potions, ring of vigour switch, sign/portent of life and item protection, runes if using Magic, other equipment for hybridding, Enhanced Excalibur, and food.

Downgrade as needed if you don’t have all of the top-tiered stuff.

Smoke Phase

Attack Rotation: Virus -> 5 Attacks -> Smoke Bullet -> 5 Attacks

Virus: Nex will put a virus on a player, which will drain the target’s stats slightly. It’s signified by the player coughing, and anyone near the infected player will also have their stats drained. However, this isn’t somehing to worry about in the long run.

Smoke Bullet: Nex will shout “There is…”, and will be invulnerable for a short about of time. You can still attack with abilities, but no damage will be dealt. Afterwards, Nex will shoot herself through the walkways connecting the outer rim with the center circle part, randomly choosing one of four. If you are caught within, you will be hit up to 4500 and your protection Prayers will be removed.

Drag: This randomly happens when Nex uses a Magic attack. Nex will drag you into Melee distance, stunning you for 3 seconds and turn off your protection Prayers. This can be potentially fatal if Nex drags you into the walkway and uses Smoke Bullet on you. Anticipation and Freedom’s stun immunities completely negate the drag.

Note that Nex’s normal Magic attacks can also drain stats too, in addition to the virus.

Once you get Nex down to 160,000, she will say “Fumus, don’t fail me!” That’s your cue to head out to the northwest part of the arena and kill the mage there, Fumus. Fumus is the first of four mages that aid Nex and part of the minions mentioned above. Kill him and attack Nex to move onto the next phase.

Shadow Phase

Attack Rotation: Shadow Traps (if Nex ends Smoke Phase last used Smoke Bullet) -> Darkness -> (5 Attacks -> Shadow Traps)

Shadow Traps: Nex will smash the ground, causing shadows to appear at your feet. Move away quickly to avoid getting hit, else you will be smacked upwards to a 4000. There is very little leniency for time; you must move within 1.2 seconds, else you’re getting hit.

Darkness: Nex will turn the arena dark and summon shadow traps right after. She will also envelope herself with darkness. If you are near Nex for too long, you will be engulfed by the darkness and take rapid 500-700 typeless damage per tick, As such, if using Melee, attack, then run away, then attack again.

Nex also switches to use Ranged instead of Magic, so make your Prayer switch quick after the phase change. Note that this only applies to Shadow, as every other phase uses Magic.

Once Nex hits 120,000, she will call Umbra at the northeast corner. Kill him and attack Nex as usual.

Blood Phase

Attack Rotation: Siphon -> 3 Attacks -> Sacrifice – 3 Attacks

Siphon: Nex will glow and stop attacking for a bit while summoning two blood reavers to the arena at random locations. During this period, all attacks you do to Nex will instead heal her. If there are existing reavers in the arena, Nex will instantly heal by their combined existing LP multiplied by 2. As such, some may want to weaken some of the reavers for both adrenaline gain and to make sure Nex doesn’t siphon a lot of LP, should the group fail.

Sacrifice: Nex will target a random player, most likely the farthest player away. The target will glow red and get a message in their chatbox to run away from Nex. If you are within 5 squares of Nex, she will hit you for around 1000, instantly heal around 10,000, and instantly fire off another Magic attack (doesn’t count in the attack rotation however). You can either run away manually or use Surge/Escape to widen the gap.

Nex’s Magic attack undergoes a sidegrade in this phase. Although it doesn’t hit everyone within the room, it is 100% accurate and hits everyone within a 3×3 radius of her target. As such, try to keep distance from the tank to prevent getting hit as well as prolonging the phase a bit longer than needed.

One important thing to note is that you must not use ANY bleeds, save for Blood Tendrils. This is because they will heal Nex instead of damaging her, so make sure you’re careful in those terms.

At 80,000, kill Cruor at the southeast part and proceed to the next phase.

Ice Phase

Attack Rotation (if ended on siphon): Prison -> 5 Attacks -> Contain -> 3 Attacks
Attack Rotation (if ended on sacrifice): Contain -> 3 Attacks -> Prison -> 5 Attacks

Prison: Nex will encase the target in a ice prison, stunning and turning off protection Prayers. After a bit, she will freeze the target with a hit upwards to 8000. Fellow teammates can prevent the attack by clicking on one of the stalagmites to break one, preventing the attack.

Contain: Nex will slam the ground and erupt ice stalagmites around her in a 5×5 area. Anyone caught within the blast will be stunned, protection Prayers dropped, and be hit for 3000-4500. If no one is caught in the blast, one or two icicles will erupt from the blast area to move towards teammates. If they make contact with you, they hit for around 1000-1500. They can be destroyed instantly if they make contact with a structure, but they also have homing properties, so be a bit extra cautious in avoiding.

Nex’s Magic attack once again changes. It again hits everyone within attacking range through structures, but they also drain Prayer with each successful hit. Also, if you don’t have Protect from/Deflect Magic active, you will be frozen in place for 3 seconds.

At 40,000, kill Glacies at the southwest part and move on to the final phase. If Glacies is attacking you, make sure you keep your Deflect Magic prayer on, else you will be “stunned” and unable to attack. Your combo abilities will also be interrupted, slowing your damage down massively.

Zaros Phase

Attack Rotation: Turmoil – Attacks – Soul Split – Attacks – Deflect Melee – Attacks

The final phase, and probably one of the more relaxed phases! Here, Nex just mainly uses autoattacks. However, she will activate Turnoil, giving her the following buffs:

– Better Defence.
– Melee swipe is now AoE – it hits in a 3×3 area from her target. If using Melee, make sure you’re attacking her back!
– Stronger Magic attack – she can hit upwards to 5000 with a single Magic attack! In addition, they drain stats per successful hit.
– The soft-cap in damage is lowered to a whopping 2000.

However, in addition, Nex also has a few tricks up her sleeve. She can use many Ancient Curse effects and alternate between them, in this order.

Turmoil leech: When Nex isn’t using an overhead Prayer, Nex can further drain your stats with her Turmoil effect. Be careful with this if using brews, else your accuracy goes down the toilet. (Needs further confirmation?)

Soul Split: For every successful hit Nex does, she will heal 2500. This means if multiple people get hit she will heal roughly 2500 multiplied by the amount of people hit.

Deflect Melee: Completely negates all Melee damage. Nex’s wings also turn orange to signify the protection. Pretty much the same as Nex’s Deflect Missiles/Magic, but doesn’t last nearly as long.

Whichever effect goes first is random, but after that it follows that sequence.

Once Nex dies, she will activate Wrath and try to take you down with her. The explosion is bigger than the player’s, with a 7×7 radius. If you somehow get caught within it, you will be hit around 3500. The damage only applies once the drop appears, so you have plenty of time to avoid it.

Congratulations on successfully killing Nex!

DPS Strategy

– For starting out, take Ranged/Magic. Due to the fact that Nex is much more dangerous in Melee distance, beginners should position themselves as far away as possible.
— It’s better to take 2h Ranged and Magic due to the fact that you can kill the minions without getting hit and have better DPS respectively.
— Once you get more experienced, Melee/Ranged can be a great choice due to the sheer DPS it carries.

– As a general rule of when to use your damage-boosting ultimate, the best phases to use them is Blood and Zaros. It’s nice to use one at Smoke as well, but normally you won’t have the adrenaline for it unless you’re instanced.

– At the start of Shadow and Ice, pay attention to what Nex’s last special attack was. As stated back in the Attack Rotations, for Shadow Nex will always open up with either 1 or 2 shadow traps (1 if last was virus, 2 if smoke bullet). Ice can also be benefitial to the DPS if the first was a prison, so there are open spots to dish out huge, uninterrupted damage. Use those opportunities to fire off your best thresholds to quickly take down LP.

– The minions have very high Defence against Melee. As such, switch to Ranged and use Fragmentation Shot and Rapid Fire to take down 90-100% of their health within two actions. Be aware, though, that bleeds cannot stack, so have one designated person use Fragmentation Shot to avoid conflict in that regard.


Worried about tanking? Don’t fret too much! However, there are some key things to know when taking the hits.

The first and most important thing is to be extremely careful if tanking with Ranged… at least for Smoke and Shadow. This is because Nex has a pretty annoying quality of dropping whatever she’s doing and try to close the gap between you to start hitting you with Melee attacks. This isn’t so bad at first… until Shadow, where Nex will clinge on to you like an insect at Melee distance, hitting you with the rapid typeless darkness damage.

To prevent that, your Magic defense cannot be your highest defence stat (can be checked in the gear function). As examples, you can wear Ranged body/bottom and Melee helm, gloves, and boots, or you can wear Ranged body/bottom, deathtouched bracelet, and Melee helm and boots. However, if you’re taking Void, all you need if you’re Ranged is to use Melee boots.

– On Smoke phase, you can just stand afar and have Nex just do Magic attacks. Once Fumus is callled, you may run to the right and lure Nex away from your teammates so they don’t get attacked. Build up to 100% adrenaline and use your damage-boosting ultimate (Berserk/etc), then go to town on Shadow.

– On Blood, if you used your damage-boosting ultimates, just dump all of the thresholds you can. Your DPS members, since they haven’t activated theirs, will have access to it, so your team will still be able to 1 siphon Blood still.

– On Ice, block all of the prisons with Barricade, Immortality, Barricade, and Transfigure (if the kill extends to four prisons somehow) in that order. However, if you’re using Transfigure, make sure you have 8k+ LP, otherwise Nex may end up killling you with a comboed Magic attack + prison hit, and you can’t use it under the effects of Anticipation/Freedom, so you need to time it JUST right, else the effect will be limited.


Alternatively, you can just go alone. It’s harder, but also more profitable. I don’t recommend going at this unless you have good experience at group Nex, else you WILL not have a good time at first.

Regardless, here’s the rundown for soloers.

Smoke Phase

Smoke Phase is basically the same thing as in a group. Just hit Nex until 160,000 LP and kill Fumus, no fancy strategy.

If you wish, target Fumus and build up adrenaline by using Defence abilities and Surge/Escape. This will get you a maximum of 40% adrenaline using Resonance, Preparation, Anticipation, Freedom, and Surge/Escape. A replenishment potion puts you at 65%, allowing you to get in thresholds right off the bat. This doesn’t really mean anything in the grand scheme of things, however.

Time Anticipation and Freedom well. Use them after Nex uses a special attack to minimize chances of getting dragged and stunned. Be very careful you don’t end up dragged at the walkways, else prepare to probably get killed/signed.

Shadow Phase

Again, same as fighting in a group. Get Nex down to 120,000 LP and take Umbra down.

At this point, Nex’s most annoying quality starts to shine through: randomly after every attack, she will no longer do Ranged/Magic attacks (depending on the phase) and start trying to Melee you. On Shadow, this can be especially deadly because of Nex’s rapid typeless damage that could occur by being at Melee distance. This is determined based on the types of armor you’re wearing: if you’re Melee or Magic, there’s nothing to fear. However, if you’re Ranged, this will happen.

If you want to continue using Ranged without the Melee distance, your Magic defense cannot be your highest defence stat (can be checked in the gear function). As examples, you can wear Ranged body/bottom and Melee helm, gloves, and boots, or you can wear Ranged body/bottom, deathtouched bracelet, and Melee helm and boots. However, if you’re taking Void, all you need if you’re Ranged is to use Melee boots.

Again, Melee/Magic don’t need to do anything more, just attack away normally.

Blood Phase

This is the most infamous of solo Nex phases, in because of the RNG it shoves in your face. You need to have high, consistent DPS to get through, and the more you dilly-dally, the more worn-down you will be.

For optimal kills, you must DPS down 40,000 LP within 20-25 seconds, else Nex will heal all of active reavers’ health after a siphon.

Right when Nex first siphons, switch to your ring of vigour and activate Berserk/Death’s Swiftness/Metamorphosis/Sunshine. Make sure you are in Melee distance to limit the amount Nex heals from her Magic attacks. Attack the reavers with Dismember/Fragmentation Shot/Combust (walk under to trigger the 2x damage for the latter two) and Slice/Piercing Shot/Wrack and a filler basic (Provoke/Anticipation is good for this), and drink your replenishment potion. By that point, Nex will have finished her siphon and you’ll be at 61% adrenaline. At that point, use Sever/Snipe/Dragon Breath -> Assault/Snap Shot/Wild Magic -> Destroy/Shadow Tendrils/Asphyxiate. Once Nex uses blood sacrifice, use Escape, then run back in Melee distance. Use Blood Tendrils/Rapid Fire/Smoke Tendrils next, and by that point Nex should be near or at 80k. Keep using basics, and if Nex siphons a second time, just cycle through thresholds until the next siphon.

Alternatively, using Onslaught is a good strategy. After siphon, simply stand afar and use Onslaught. You’d usually get Nex down enough to instantly clear it after a few basics.

Assuming you’re using Ranged, to increase success using Onslaught, you should “prephase”. Prephasing is basically getting an attack off inbetween phasing from Shadow and Blood phase, hitting Nex on the same tick as she first uses siphon but still having it count as damage instead of healing. To do it, you fire off an autoattack, then right after that you use Snapshot to instantly get some good damage off. During siphon, charge up Snipe when Nex’s head tilts up, then use Onslaught right after. This leads to a much easier time on Blood phase and can lead to a 100% success rate when done right.

That being said, I still stick to the usual Death’s Swiftness rotation.

Personal Strategy:
– Use Death’s Swiftness, Anticipation, Freedom, Provoke to 34%
– Autoattack and build up to Snap Shot
– Build back up to Tight Bindings/Shadow Tendrils, Escape after
– Dazing Shot, Rapid Fire to end
– If no end, cycle through thresholds

Note how I don’t use a replenishment potion. That’s for Zaros Phase.

If you fail and know Nex is going to siphon, start attacking the reavers so she can’t heal as much from them.

Ice Phase

Oh boy. This is the most painful of all phases, even more than Zaros. Nothing more to say except periodic interrupts in the form of ice prisons make it one of the more painful.

When you start the phase, make sure it’s after Nex performs a Blood sacrifice. This is because the first special attack Nex performs hinges on what special attack was used last. If it was a siphon, Nex will start with an ice prison. Blood sacrifice, a contain. Always start at a contain so you don’t risk getting more prisons than needed.

In dealing with Ice prisons, there are two methods: tanking the hits or using Defence ultimates to reduce damage. However, tanking the hits and continuing DPSing is the better option, as Defence ultimate usage would slow down the kill and may even end up with more prisons than if simply DPSing through. As such, it would be more preferable to just DPS and not bother with Defence ultimates.

Personal Strategy:
– Start at contain, run away + Fragmentation Shot, Rapid Fire
– Continue using thresholds until end
– Eat through prisons

Zaros Phase

The final phase! This is pretty much just a vanilla boss fight, with autoattacks and not much else. Just keep attacking until Nex dies.

At this point, if you’re Ranged/Magic, you can simply switch to your preferable one of the two, as it’s more unlikely that Nex will switch into praying against that style. Ranged is best for this phase due to its more rapid hits, getting around the soft cap Nex has in this phase.

Personal Strategy:
– Death’s Swiftness, replenishment potion, Dazing Shot, Snipe, Rapid Fire
– Build back to Snap Shot, keep building adrenaline
– Keep attacking until Rapid Fire comes off cooldown, still keep attacking until dead

General Strategy/Tips

– Ranged/Magic is the best way to go for beginners. Melee/Ranged has its own advantages like stronger hits and more accessibility, but the problem with Melee is that it lacks accuracy compared to Ranged/Magic (counting auras). It’s also harder to work with as you take more damage than with Ranged/Magic. Even then Ranged/Magic can close the gap between Berserk and their ultimates because of increased duration and scrimshaws of cruelty/elements.

– Although Nex’s Melee distance may be painful for Shadow phase, you can actually work that to your advantage, as if you run away while using abilities, you can delay certain special attacks and not take any damage as well. This is most abusable for Ranged, but Melee and Magic can get some limited uses on Zaros phase. Melee has to walk Nex, though, and channels like Assault/Destroy can’t work.

– Ending Smoke phase after No Escape makes Nex use shadow traps first. This can be helpful because you can turn on Soul Split and attack, healing back a bit while Nex needs to spend time using two traps back-to-back. In fact…

– Soul Split is a useful tool in itself. If you’re quick and skillful enough, you can use Soul Split and immediately switch to Deflect curses to benefit from reduced damage AND healing.

– If you are maxed, it’s more efficient to do 1 kill trips. After you get your loot, it’s best to teleport to the Max Guild and go back to Nex manually, as she will respawn quicker that way. Doing this method, in conjunction with consistent <5 minute kills, nets you 9-10 solo kills per hour.

– Bring magic notepaper to be able to take home the brews/restore drops. They help immensely in increasing profits.

– Avoid over-brewing, especially on Blood/Zaros phase. If you use brews too much, your accuracy drops too much, increasing kill times. If your stats go below 99, drink a super restore.

– One way to make kills much more simple for an increased cost is to buy an instance and do one-kill trips, and repeating until the instance dies. The advantage of this is obviously no hopping to find worlds and Nex will always pray Magic, so Melee/Ranged or pure Ranged kills are possible. In fact, you can do pure Ranged kills with a shadow nihil, speeding up kills, but it requires good inventory management!

– If using Enhanced Excalibur, it’s best to use it at Zaros Phase, due to the fact that you’ll be relying on brews for general healing, and brews drain stats, which hinders your accuracy greatly.

– You can use your replenishment potions, instead of Blood only, to Smoke/Zaros. I personally get past Blood without a dose, and instead use my replenishment for Zaros to speed up the kill overall. I activate Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine, pot, then make sure to use Rapid Fire/Asphyxiate twice within the damage buff. If I’m using Magic, I make sure to use Smoke Tendrils as well, although the recoil is bleh.