Kalphite King

The Kalphite King (KK) – the perfect boss to get newcomers’ feet wet for high-end PvM. With a good learning curve and various mechanics, this boss will help you be prepared for future PvM. Although this is primarily a group boss, it can be soloed, with some luck and skill.

You can fight the Kalphite King by teleporting to the Bandit Camp lodestone and heading south. Enter the Kalphite hive and run through the dungeon to the end, where a circle-shaped hole is at. Unblock the tunnel at the west so you can use it as a shortcut for future use.

Requirements for KK is 80+ combat stats, GWD armor, and level 80 weapons as a bare minimum. Supreme overloads, yaks/steel titans, and 95 Prayer also helps immensely.

General Information

The Kalphite King has 260,000 LP, various max hits, and can switch between all three combat styles, but can only use one at a time. He also has minions (exiled kalphite marauders) to aid him in battle, which spawn when KK hits 195,000 and 65,000 respectively, the second wave having double the minions of the first. When killed, they don’t drop regular loot that their versions in the lair do – instead, they drop supplies, that being sharks, prayer potions, and super restores. They also drop a bit of charms.

As briefly stated, he has three combat styles between Melee, Ranged, and Magic. You can tell which phase he’s in by his wing color. Each phase also all have its own weaknesses, not unlike most Slayer monsters.

Melee: Orange (fire spells)
Ranged: Green (stab)
Magic: Blue (arrows)

In addition, he has a soft-cap at 5000. A soft-cap is a threshold where all damage above that threshold is reduced by 75%, so big, chunky hits are at a slight disadvantage.


There are three roles to KK: Tank, DPS, and Provoke.

Tanks are the main target, taking the full burn of attacks.

DPS (predictably) focus on doing the most damage.

Provokes are like DPS, except are pivotal to saving the tank from the Beetlejuice. When KK stuns the target with Beetlejuice, this role uses Provoke to draw KK’s attention, then uses Resonance/Devotion (with Melee prayer)/Barricade/Immortality (last two should only be used if there are minions about) to block the hit, so the entire team can live.




Since KK can have different weaknesses at random intervals, it’s always best to hybrid with 2-3 styles. Wear hybrid gloves/boots (preferably deathtouched bracelet/silverhawk boots respectively), and a Slayer helmet with a Kalphite task is preferable. If not on task, just take a hybrid helm of your choice or keep the Slayer helmet. Void is an acceptable armor of choice for much easier switching, but augmented T90/Nex armors is still better in terms of defense and DPS.

Inventory: Overloads, Super Prayer renewals, Prayer restore potions (either Prayer potions or super restore), ring of vigour switch, sign/portent of life and item protection, runes if using Magic, other equipment for hybridding, and food.

Attack Rotation

KK can spawn in any three forms: Melee, Ranged, or Magic. You can tell which phase he’s in by looking at his wings. Each phase follows the combat triangle, meaning each phase has its own weaknesses.

Melee (Orange wings, weak to fire spells)
Attack Rotation: Dismember – Quake – Slaughter – Repeat
Sequential Rotation: Attack- Attack – Shove – Attack – Attack – Barge – Attack – Attack – Beetlejuice (unskippable) – Repeat

Ranged (Green wings, weak to stab)
Attack Rotation: Binding Shot – Fragmentation Shot – Ricochet – Bombardment – Incendiary Shot – Repeat
Sequential Rotation: Attack – Attack – 3 second stun – Attack – Attack – Beetlejuice – Attack – Attack – Dig (unskippable) – Repeat

Magic (Blue wings, weak to arrows)
Attack Rotation: Wrack – Impact – Combust – Chain – Wild Magic – Repeat
Sequential Rotation: Attack – Attack – 3 second stun – Attack – Attack – Dig – Attack – Attack – Barge (unskippable) – Repeat

As an example, take Melee phase. Let’s label Dismember as 1, Quake as 2, and Slaughter as 3.

The sequence would go 1 – 2 – Shove – 3 – 1 – Barge – 2 – 3 – Beetlejuice.

He can randomly change between each phase. This occurs near the end of the sequence.

Special Attacks

Shove: KK will force players within Melee distance of KK’s view by two squares, dealing up to 1000 Melee damage.

Barge: KK will “glow”, facing in a certain direction, then charge forward. If you get caught within, all Defence abilities active are removed and you’ll be hit up to 5000. Also, if you’re standing next to the wall and KK is “cornering” you to the wall, you will be hit instantly, but harder than if KK had charged into you normally.

Beetlejuice: KK will completely stun his target, spitting out a green projectile. After a few seconds, KK will lunge forward and instantly kill the target. More information about countering this will be covered later in the guide.

Dig: KK will dig into the ground, then after a few seconds will rise back up, homing on his target’s location. Anyone caught within will have their Defence abilities nullified and hit up to 5000.

Minions: When KK is knocked down to 195,000 and 65,000 LP, KK will spawn multiple exiled kalphite marauders, who can hit upwards to 500 with Magic. If they spawn underneath you, you will be hit 300-500 Melee damage for each minion spawned at your location.

Healing Auras: KK has two of these that he can use randomly, commonly near the last half of his LP. They last roughly 6 seconds.
– Red: For every attack KK does, he heals however much damage he dealt.
– Green: All attacks players do instead heal him.

Barricade: Only triggers if a player uses Frenzy/Unload/Smoke Tendrils. KK will block all attacks for 10 seconds.

Immortality: KK will take 25% less damage and be revived back to 30,000 if killed. Trigger is unknown, but hypothesized to be Unload.

Stomp: If you’re under KK for too long, you will eventually be hit for over 1000 per 1.2 seconds.

Group Tips

Killing KK doesn’t require much other than “hit it until it dies.” That said, there are ways to make the experience better for everyone involved.

– Time Freedom well. On Melee phase, use it as soon as you get hit by Slaughter to prevent getting completely killed off by it. Ranged, after Fragmentation Shot. On Magic phase, it doesn’t particularly matter unless you get hit by the Combust, though.
— On Melee phase, using Freedom at the Dismember after Slaughter can negate both bleeds at once. However, be careful if using Melee yourself, as KK could force you to move, triggering the 3x damage, heavily damaging you. Magic has no such problems, however.

– For DPS/tanks, Resonance can be a very effective way to restore health without needing to use up food. It’s not really viable to use on Melee phase, but on Ranged/Magic phase, it’s a good idea to use it on Incendiary Shot and Impact respectively.
— Deflect curses should be turned off when using Resonance to maximize healing.

– For tanks, luring KK to the east wall is beneficial to the team overall, as it means when minions spawn, you can limit how many are present attacking you directly. When spawned, they don’t move around to find you – instead, they just hang out in their own spawn points.

– There’s a special sub-class of Provoke called Heal Vokes. Basically, they’re Provokes on the Lunar spellbook, and when they use Provoke, they use Heal Other to transfer health from them to the team so they are healed. The Provoke then uses Resonance to heal back up to full from the instant kill. If the Heal Voke used Barricade, they can use those 10 seconds to heal the team up back to full health, as Barricade cancels out Heal Other recoil. Overall, this increases the durability of the entire team basically for free.
— Heal Vokes can still use Magic by auto-casting Polypore Strike and attacking without letting autoattacks slip by at all, for very slightly less DPS.

– If you’re Heal Voking and minions are about, one way to heal party members without 100% adrenaline is to Provoke, Devotion + Deflect Magic, then Resonance + Heal Other. This takes some getting used to, but in the end you’ll be able to keep enough adrenaline for your own.

– Stuns should be used carefully – that is, Backhand, Kick, Binding Shot, Impact, Forceful Backhand, Stomp, Tight Bindings, Deep Impact, Destroy, and Asphyxiate. They skip one attack per use, but make KK attack faster.

– Bleeds do not do anything negative or positive to KK. It’s purely a myth.

– If you try to skip the unskippable special attack (dependant on the phase itself) with Destroy/Asphyxiate, KK will perform that attack twice in a row. Yes, this means double instantkills and digs can happen, which can either spell death for unprepared teams or prolonged kill times if double digs/Barges happen.

– The act of spawning minions completely replaces the next sequence. For example, if on Ranged phase, it can work like this:

1 – 2 – Stun – 3 – 4 – Minion spawn – 5 – 1 – Dig
1 – 2 – Stun – Minion spawn – 3 – Beetlejuice – 4 – 5 – Dig

Interestingly enough, you can skip the unskippable actions with the minion spawns.

– Try using your damage-boosting ultimate at the beginning of the sequence, then DPS away until it runs out.