Queen Black Dragon

The Queen Black Dragon is the most powerful dragon in the game. With great average loot, it is one of the most rewarding bosses to fight for money for the requirements needed!

You can get there by teleporting to Port Sarim via lodestone and head northwest into the Grotworm Lair, with the White Knights patrolling outside. Enter and make your way inside. At south of the big room, there’s a shortcut that requires 50 Agility that takes you straight to the QBD lair. If you don’t have 50 Agility, just make yourself through the lair.

General Information

The Queen Black Dragon has 144,000 LP and hit upwards to 2000 with Melee and Ranged. As she’s a dragon, she’s capable of using dragonfire, but it cannot be completely blocked by super antifire. It can hit upwards to 750 with super antifire active. With just regular antifire active, it can consistently hit around the 1200 mark, so it’s heavily recommended to just get the Herblore level for super antifires! Without any sort of protection, it can hit up to 1800.

In addition, she has a soft-cap at 5000. A soft-cap is a threshold where all damage above that threshold is reduced by 75%, so big, chunky hits are at a slight disadvantage.

She has four phases, each adding more and more mechanics and attacks to the mix.

Phase 1

Fire Wall: QBD will take a huge breath and spit out a huge column of dragonfire. If you get affected, you will be hit for 750 (with super antifires) or 1875 (antifire) or 2500 (no dragonfire protection). There will always be one spot open within the wall for you to slip past.

Another way to slip past it is to wait until it almost hit you, then run two squares. Because of a quirk in the RuneScape engine, it’s possible to step over it without taking any damage from it. This is extremely helpful if Meleeing, but is also the preferable way for combat in general.

Once you finish Phase 1, the artifact at the middle of the arena will activate itself. To proceed through each phase, you need to click on the corresponding artifact in order to attack QBD again. After you click on it, QBD will proceed to Phase 2.

If you don’t activate the artifact quickly enough, QBD will vomit up giant worms. They spawn one at a time every 1.8 seconds after the artifact is ready to be activated, up to a cap of 11. They each have 6,500 LP with a weakness to bolts, and can hit upwards to 500 with Magic.

Phase 2

Tortured soul: QBD will summon a tortured soul right next to you, with 2,000 LP and a max hit of 500 with Melee. He will shout out a random sentence and summon a chaotic cloud to hit you for around 1000 typeless damage. This can be completely avoided by running through it a tick after his line, so he takes the hit instead. They can randomly do it after their initial summon, which is indicated by them teleporting to you and then shouting.

In addition, when QBD does her fire wall attack, she will spit out two instead of one.

Once Phase 2 is finished, touch the artifact at the southwest part of the arena to proceed into Phase 3.

Phase 3

Siphons: QBD will siphon the life out of any active souls, hitting them for 100 per tick and healing twice the amount of damage she deals to the souls.

Skin Change: QBD will alter the qualities of her skin to influence defenses. If she turns into a green, hardened carapace, Melee/Ranged attacks’ accuracy and damage are reduced by 25% and Magic attacks’ accuracy and damage are increased by 25%. If she turns into a blue, crystalized skin, vice versa. This lasts for roughly 1 minute.

Just like Phase 2, special attacks are upgraded. Fire walls now come three at a time, and two souls now spawn when summoned.

Once Phase 3 is over, touch the artifact at the southeast part of the arena.

Phase 4

Super dragonfire: QBD will take an extremely huge breath and let out an extremely powerful blast of fire that hits for three times. The damage varies if you’re standing in the middle or at the side. With super antifire, it can hit either 1950 (middle) or 750 (sides). Without any sort of dragonfire protection, it will hit for 6500 (middle) or 2500 (side)! Always make sure you have some sort of dragonfire protection active, else you will die or deplete your supplies too much.

Timestop: A tortured soul will randomly teleport to a side and start charging up a chaotic ball within their hands, while talking a lot of lines. You have 10 seconds to kill the soul in time, else you will be stuck in place for 10 seconds, where you cannot move, switch prayers, or use food/potions. Combined with chaotic clouds and dragonfire, this can easily KO you as well.

In this phase, up to four souls can spawn at once. If you’re not quick enough, you will get KO’d or heavily damaged, so be sure to run through a soul to avoid all of the chaotic clouds.

Tips and Tricks

– Dragonbane ammunition is the best way to kill QBD. With near-100% accuracy, you should have no problem having troubles doing damage, even if it’s not as good as level 90 weaponry in damage unless boosted with offhand thrown weapons above level 60, like blisterwood stakes, attuned chakram, or Death Lotus darts.
— Because of this, Ranged is generally known as the best way to kill QBD. Magic is second-best, but yet could also potentially be the quickest kills. The problem with that is it requires to be on-task and needs quite a bit of luck to get quicker kills, so Ranged with dragonbane is already much better in terms of consistent kills.

– It’s best to Berserk/Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine at Phase 2, then unleash as much thresholds as possible throughout Phase 2 and 3.

– Stand on the sides unless on Phase 1, where you stand next to the first artifact to quickly click on it.