The leaders of the rouge Order of Ascension that took over the Monastery of Ascension, there are six bosses in total: Legio Primus, Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, and Sextus. They are each largely the same, but have one thing that sets them apart from the others. With each one dropping a piece of an Ascension crossbow – the Ascension signets, do you have what it takes to kill them all for a piece?

To get into the Monastery of Ascension, teleport to the Oo’glog lodestone and simply run northwest into the building. You need 81 Slayer to even enter, and you also require 95 Slayer to fight them (although you can boost from 90 with wild pies). Finally, you need an Ascension keystone to kill a Legio – one key allows for one kill. This is mainly a solo encounter, but you can also fight them in a duo, with a co-op Slayer partner. If that’s the case, the other person doesn’t need a keystone or 95 Slayer – they can come in for free.

General Information

Each Legio has 30,000 LP and a max hit of 1000 with Magic. They have a special passive effect that the farther away you are from the Legio, the less damage you do. Your damage is reduced by 10% per square you’re away from the Legio, so it’s best to stay close to deal normal damage. They are also only vulnerable to Ranged, so Melee and Magic are suicidal options.

In addition, they each share a single special attack: 5×5 AoE lightning. This is indicated by the Legio raising his arms and thrusting them forward, then lightning strikes, focused on where you stand. It hits for 2000 Magic damage per tick up to four times at the center, and protection prayers do NOT work (unless using Devotion). At the edge, it hits 1000 instead. They will always use two lightning, then an autoattack, then repeat until you or they die.

The Legiones have four “phases”, marked by certain LP thresholds and dialogue they say at 22,500, 15,000, and 7,500 LP. Depending on the Legio, their special effects can change up a bit.

– Legio Primus’s gimmick is increased damage the lower his health is, much like Dharok the Wretched.
– Legio Secundus’s gimmick is quickened lightning, speeding up after every LP threshold.
– Legio Tertius summons three rorarii, two gladius, and a capsarius for each LP threshold respectively.
– Legio Quartus drags you to Melee distance and throws down an additional lightning at you for each LP threshold reached.
– Legio Quintus summons the “Lines of Ascension” that deals 2000 Magic damage every time it’s crossed.
– Legio Sextus’ lightning is bigger (7×7) and lasts longer through a lingering effect, but has no autoattacks.

All of them can be killed by simply running around and attacking, praying against Magic or Soul Split. But that’s horribly inefficient and leads to extremely long kills, so instead here’s a step-by-step strategy I use for each Legio.

Legiones Primus, Secundus, Tertius, and Sextus

Yes, these are all grouped up in one strategy, because this works for them no matter what. This is generally best used with dual wield, not 2h (barring the Zaryte bow), because the increased range of 2h weapons influences the lightning to go into unwanted places.

Start off by autoattacking and using Needle Strike, then Fragmentation Shot and walk under them. At that point, use Rapid Fire to DPS through the first LP threshold and get close to the second one. At this point, the lightning will have missed you completely. Watch for the Legio’s arms to rise and lower. Right as it lowers, run past him, while using Needle Strike, then use Snipe to stop yourself from moving any further. By this point, the second batches of lightning would have also missed you completely. Let Snipe hit, then run back and use Tight Bindings and Snap Shot. Finish off with either Sacrifice or other basics to kill him.

If you’re not comfortable enough to pull it off, use Devotion after Fragmentation Shot, then use Rapid Fire and Snap Shot to get the Legio down to critical health, then finish it off with basics.

Tertius is special in that it summons a capsarius at the final LP threshold. If you’re not quick enough in killing Tertius before the capsarius starts healing Tertius and buffing his damage reduction to sky-high levels, focus on killing the capsarius and then Tertius. Use Devotion if you must to make things easier on yourself.

Legio Quartus

Quartus’s drag can be extremely annoying, as even if you’re standing next to Quartus, two of Rapid Fire’s attacks will be nullified, reducing damage. As such, Needle Strike and Fragmentation Shot as per normal, but instead of using Rapid Fire, you use Snipe. After that, the first LP threshold should be breached. Use Ricochet and run through Quartus, then use Rapid Fire. Once you get to 15,000 LP, run through him again while using Needle Strike, then stop yourself by using Snipe again. After that, use Tight Bindings and Snap Shot to kill off Quartus.

Legio Quintus

This is commonly referred to as the hardest Legio, as his Lines of Ascension are extremely deadly to those that don’t have a proper strategy or reaction time.

For every LP threshold reached, he will summon a Line of Ascension. Basically, it’s a purple line that deals 2000 damage every time you step over it. Devotion can negate the damage, and Debilitate halves the damage as well. The first and third line is horizontal, and the second will run vertically.

Because of a quirk in the RuneScape engine, it’s possible to step over it without taking any damage from it. If you’re an odd number of squares away from the line and you run over it, you won’t take damage. This is comparable to QBD’s fire walls, as it’s pretty much the same mechanic, except the Lines are stationary.

Generally here, because of the unpredictable nature of the Lines’ spawning, it’s near-impossible to have a consistent ability strategy to work 100% of the time without Devotion. As such, I can only give a general strategy.

Open up with Needle Strike and Fragmentation Shot as normal, then use Snipe while under Quintus. Immediately run south after to avoid the first Line of Ascension. After that, use your thresholds one-by-one to get through the LP thresholds, dodging the Lines as you go.

With Devotion, it’s the same as any other Legio – safe and easy.

Video form displaying the strategies above.