Corporeal Beast

The literal personification of spirit-eating horror, this massive beast hits hard and takes them well. With only one weakness to spears, taking halved damage from everything else, do you have what it takes to bring it down?

To start fighting the Corporeal Beast, you must have completed the quest Summer’s End. After that, you are free to teleport to the lair with a games necklace.

General Information

The Corporeal Beast has 100,000 LP and can hit with Melee or Magic. Its Melee attack can hit upwards to 2500 and Magic 4500. However, his Magic attack comes in two varieties – single target or AoE. The single-target, as mentioned, can hit up to 4500 on the current target. The AoE variant, however, is less powerful, but deals up to 4 blasts of Magic damage at a targeted tile with a 5×5 radius, each blast with a max hit of 800. Regardless of type, though, each Magic attack has a chance of reducing your Magic, Prayer, or Summoning.

As mentioned above, the Corporeal Beast only takes full damage from spear weapons. As such, the best weapon to kill them with is the Mizuyari, followed up by a chaotic spear. Everything else is not worth using, at all.

The Fight

Pray Protect from Magic and attack it until it dies. However, if in a group, don’t stand directly next to each other so you can limit the AoE Magic damage.

Once you get the Beast down to around 50,000 LP, he will summon a dark core with 3500 LP. He will land on the ground, and immediately shoot itself to a random person’s tile. If you are on it or around it by a 3×3 radius, you will take constant ~500 damage and heal the Beast the same amount. Move away and keep attacking.

If you somehow kill the core, the Beast will summon another one indefinitely, so ignore the core and just keep attacking and dodging.