The fearsome boss of the Fight Caves, TzTok-Jad (Jad for short) will destroy you if you aren’t prepared. With 100% accurate attacks and sky-high damage capabilities, one slip-up and you’ll be sent right to the beginning of the Caves.

There’s also a version in the Fight Kiln called TokHaar-Jad, although it’s ironically weaker than the normal Jad.

General Information

LP: 40,000 (7,900 for TokHaar-Jad)
Attack Styles: All
Max hit: 9900 (6000 for TokHaar-Jad)
Weakness: None

He can potentially one-shot you from max health with 100% accurate attacks in all combat styles (weaker and less accurate attacks for TokHaar-Jad), so be careful!

The Fight

Although Jad can potentially kill you in one hit, protection prayers block 100% of his damage (against TokHaar-Jad, it’s close to 95%). As such, it’s best learn his movement patterns and switch protection prayers accordingly.

Melee: Jad will quickly swipe at you. This is an instant hit and therefore you can’t really prepare for it. Therefore, if in Melee distance, always pray Melee first, then switch to whatever other style he’s using at that point.
Ranged: Jad will stomp the ground with his two front legs and a boulder will fall on top of your head.
Magic: Jad will start breathing fire and stand on his two legs, shooting out a massive fireball at you.

At 20,000 LP, Jad will summon four healers (Yt-HurKot) to come heal him back to max LP. As long as they stand at Melee distance, they will keep healing Jad. To stop them from healing Jad, attack them and draw them close to you. Once they’re all on you, attack Jad again and kill him. Make sure you keep prayer switching, else you’re getting killed quickly.

The TokHaar-Jad variant has no healers, it’s just him by himself.