King Black Dragon

Once the biggest, meanest dragon around, its title has been usurped by the Queen Black Dragon. Nevertheless, the King Black Dragon (KBD) is still somewhat of a force to be reckoned with, but with proper skills and preparation you will do just fine.

If you want to kill the KBD, teleport to Edgevile and run northwest to the artifact, located north of the Monastery.

General Information

LP: 45,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Magic (Dragonfire)
Max hit: 1000 (Melee), 3000+ (Dragonfire)
Weakness: None

Like all other adult dragons, KBD has dragonfire. However, what separates KBD from other dragons is that he has three different types dragonfire in addition to regular vanilla dragonfire – shocking, poisonous, and freezing dragonfire.

– Shocking fire lowers stats slightly.
– Poisonous fire poisons you for 2 minutes, which hit around 150s (but lowers in damage over time) every time it hits.
– Freezing fire binds you in place.

With Protect from Magic/Deflect Magic active, dragonfire damage can be reduced drastically to 300-1000. Super antifire can drastically reduce the damage to the 300s range, flat.

The Fight

Just killing KBD doesn’t require much other than “hit it until it dies.” If you have no super antifires, pray Protect from Magic to negate majority of the dragonfire damage and hack away. Don’t bother with normal antifire and anti-dragon shield; it’s not worth the DPS loss.

If you have super antifires, just use Soul Split and hack away.