Kalphite Queen

The queen of kalphites, this insect uses all three combat styles with a unique defense mechanic. If you don’t come prepared, the queen will shrug off your attacks and laugh at you, so make sure you have the proper guidelines met! In addition, there’s an even stronger version called the Exiled Kalphite Queen, in the Exiled Kalphite Lair.

To get to the Kalphite Queen (KQ), go to Al-Kharid and run south to Shantay Pass. Exit it and run west to the lair entrance. If this is your first time to KQ, BRING TWO PIECES OF ROPE! Later visits don’t require rope, but for your first time, bring it! Regardless, just keep going through the cave until you reach the end. Climb down the next hole with your second rope to confront the queen.

For the Exiled Kalphite Queen, teleport to the Bandit Camp Lodestone, run south, and enter the Exiled Kalphite Hive and run through the dungeon to the end, where a circle-shaped hole is at. Unblock the tunnel at the west so you can use it as a shortcut for future use. However, from that point, go east into another circle-shaped hole to the Exiled KQ.

General Information

LP: 40,000 per phase, 80,000 in total (50,000 per phase, 100,000 in total for Exiled)
Attack Styles: All
Max hit: 1000 (1200 for Exiled)
Weakness: None

The thing that separates KQ from other bosses in that it can use protection prayers. On the first phase, it will pray both Protect from Missiles/Magic at once, so you must bring Melee. At the second phase, KQ will pray Protect from Melee, so in addition to Melee gear, you’ll need Ranged or Magic gear as well! In addition, KQ’s Ranged/Magic attacks are 100% accurate, and the Ranged attacks drain a bit of prayer per hit.

The Fight

Hit it until it dies with Melee on the first phase. Then hit it until it dies with Ranged/Magic on the second phase. Pray Protect from Magic or Soul Split as well.