Giant Mole

A mole that was accidently subjected to a super ultra growth potion, this aptly named beast lives under the garden of Falador. As a starting boss it’s not too dangerous, but at the same time it’s also a good way to learn how to react to various mechanics.

To get there, teleport to Falador and go to Falador Park. Enter the plant root structure and create your session to start the fight!

General Information

LP: 78,000
Attack Styles: Melee
Max hit: 1000
Weakness: Magic

This is the same stats for Hard Mode as well.

The Fight

The Giant Mole’s lair is broken up into five rooms – the lobby, the northwest, the northeast, the southwest, and southeast.

There are six phases, and each room contributes to a phase (except for the lobby which includes two). The order of the phases are completely random, but each room has its own batches of mechanics to deal with.

Lobby: Autoattacks. Nothing more. When the Giant Mole hits around 70,000 LP (variable), she will dig into the ground into any room. The room she’s heading towards is signified by a trail of mud that pops up a bit after the dig. Whatever direction it points to is the room you’re supposed to go in.

Northwest: The Mole will spawn four mini moles with 100 LP. They barely hit anything, but while they’re on the field, the Giant Mole will take reduced damage. Kill them, then attack the Giant Mole.

Northeast: The Mole will suddenly power up with increased damage and accuracy. However, you can negate that by using a basic stun (Backhand/Kick/Binding Shot/Impact).

Southwest: The Mole will randomly dig into the ground and quickly dig back up near your location, spawning a hazardous rocky terrain (5×5) that hits for 200 (400 in hard mode, and does it twice) per tick. Run away from where you’re standing to avoid damage.

Southeast: The Mole will randomly cause the celling to collapse, initially stunning you and raining down rocks that home in on your position which hit for around 500. Avoid it using Anticipation/Freedom.
– On Hard Mode, you will also be encased by a mud prison while the rocks fall, which you cannot break out of unless another player character clicks on you to break out. If you aren’t broken out of, the Mole will hit you for a 2000 Melee hit.

Lobby 2: The Mole will use any mechanics from all four rooms.

That said, always pray Protect from Melee or Soul Split, depending on what you have, then attack.