Dagannoth Kings

A trio of highly powerful dagannoths consisting of Dagannoth Prime, Dagannoth Rex, and Dagannoth Supreme, these enhanced dagannoths spell death to any unprepared adventurer, especially if they gang up on you at once with no way of retaliation!

Getting there is super simple. Just buy a Dagannoth Kings teleport from the Grand Exchange and use it to teleport directly to the place. The Kings also drop some themselves when you fight them.

General Information

LP: 35,000
Attack Styles: Variable
Max hit: 1500
Weakness: Variable

The kings are also special in that they’re completely immune to all styles they’re not weak to. However, you only need the combat style they’re generally weak to (like Ranged or Melee), not necessarily the substyle (like arrows or Fire spells).

Dagannoth Supreme is a Ranged user that’s weak to Melee (stab), and spawns next to the ladder, at the west part.
Dagannoth Prime is a Magic user that’s weak to Ranged (arrows), and spawns at the north part of the arena.
Dagannoth Rex is a Melee user that’s weak to Magic (Fire spells), and spawns south of the arena.

The Fight

Right when you enter, Supreme will immediately attack you. However, ignore him and run south. Equip your Magic weapon and attack Rex. Lure him south and bind him in place with Entangle (requires 79 Magic) or just stun him with Impact/Deep Impact and try to kill him as quickly as possible. Pray Protect from Missiles or Soul Split while this is happening. Once Rex is killed, move onto Supreme and kill him with Melee. Keep Protect from Missiles or Soul Split on! By this point, Prime may have noticed you and started attacking. Still, continue to kill Supreme, then finish off by killing Prime with Ranged, while switching to Protect from Magic.

Groups can generally go through without positioning and just tank them all for the first round, then kill them off one by one in any order.