The six (seven or eight for you crazy history makers… oh wait that includes me) ancient, undead brothers of the Third Age with their special loot – Barrows armor, level 70 tank armor with set effects of their own! To reap the rewards, you must kill the brothers in any order you wish. However, randomly, one brother will have a trick up its sleeve, so be on guard.

Getting to the Barrows is annoying, as it’s located in Morytania without a lot of convenient teleports unless you have quite a bit of progression through the game. It’s northeast of Burgh de Rott, and you can teleport there with either an upgraded games necklace (from getting a total level of 500 in Temple Trekking) or using Drakan’s medallion to teleport directly to the Barrows.

General Information

There are six brothers (seven if you completed Ritual of the Mahjarrat and an additional one if you completed Kindred Spirits) to fight: Dharok, Ahrim, Guthan, Karil, Torag, and Verac. The seventh is Akrisae, but again, you need to complete Ritual of the Mahjarrat to get access to him, and the eighth is Linza.

LP: 12,000
Attack Style: Variable
Max hit: 1000
Weakness: Variable

In addition, each brother has its own special effect.

Dharok: Increased damage the more his health goes down. At extremely low LP, he can hit for over 4000! Caution is advised. Weak to Fire spells.
Ahrim: Can lower Attack, Strength, and Defence. Weak to arrows.
Guthan: Can heal whatever damage he dealts. Weak to Air spells.
Karil: Randomly drain Magic levels. Weak to stab.
Torag: Randomly drains adrenaline. Weak to Water spells.
Verac: Randomly ignores defense and protection prayers. Weak to Earth spells.
Akrisae: Uses protection prayers and can also drain Prayer. Weak to bolts.

Linza is special in that she has 150,000 LP. She still shares the same max hit as the other brothers, though. Her special effect is that there’s a chance that every time she’s hit, you’ll be hit for a 500-800 as a form of counterattack. This is not like a reflect though, since you’ll be doing full damage per hit.

The Fight

Start off by killing five of the brothers. Make sure you don’t kill Akrisae or Linza, however, as you don’t really need to and it’ll slow down your progress anyway.

As for general strategies, all of the brothers can be stunned and binded. As such, if you’re using Magic, you can use Entangle or Ice spells on the Melee brothers to almost completely stop them in your tracks while you kill them. If that doesn’t work too well, just run away from them while using your abilities to limit hits take. Karil/Ahrim can’t be the same way, but just whack at them and you’ll be fine.

Randomly, one of the brothers will not be able to be fought immediately. Instead, they will be located in a crypt underneath the tombs. If you get this before killing the fifth brother, leave it and finish killing them. After that, go back to the crypt brother and go down through the coffin.

You will end up in a maze, where the Barrows reward chest sits in the center. Make your way through the maze until you reach the center. Along the way, you may encounter brothers you haven’t fought before, including the brothers that you potentially skipped on.

If you use Barrows amulets, use them on Dharok and a brother of your choice, then use the last amulet on the rewards chest in the tunnels. This ensures that you never have to fight Akrisae and you’ll be speeding through Barrows at a reasonable pace. Amulets cannot be used for Linza, but on the bright side she’ll never appear in the tunnels.