Welcome to the Borehole – home of the behemoth Vorago, the defender of the Amina Mundi. Equipped with a vast arsenal of special attacks and power, Vorago will completely destroy all unprepared teams – perhaps as early as before the actual fight!

To enter Vorago’s lair, just teleport to the Falador lodestone and run north into the cave.

Requirements are high in this boss. I don’t recommend you tackling this boss without level 85+ weaponry, level 80+ armor, overloads, 95 Prayer, and a yak. However, level 90 weapons like Ascensions and seismics and Void are preferable to all.

He also has a Hard Mode like the Giant mole and GWD bosses, which is one of the hardest combat encounters in the game.

General Information

Vorago has five phases (eleven in Hard Mode), each with 250,000 LP and can attack with Melee and Magic. He can hit up to 6000 with Melee and Magic. His Melee hit is AoE around him, and his Magic attack targets the person that stands the farthest away in his targeting range, it hits in a 7×7 AoE radius, and is 100% accurate (although if you “blocked” the attack, you take overall reduced damage). If multiple people take damage, the average damage is reduced per person. His Melee attack also hits all targets within two squares in front of him and one square behind his sides and back. On Hard Mode, he will always throw two Magic attacks at once.

After the end of each phase, Vorago will start erratically jumping around the arena. If he lands on you, you will be dealt a lot of damage, up to half of your current LP with a minimum of 1500, which is variable depending on how close you were to Vorago’s landing. On Hard Mode, it can hit familiars too, for 25% of damage you took from the jump.

Depending on the week, his fight may be different as well. More information will be covered later in this boss section.


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 9.45.24 PM.png

Basic setup

Vorago (General).png

Advanced setup


Killing Vorago is a team effort – without designated roles, no kill will be successful.

DPS is self-explanatory.

The Base Tank is Vorago’s main target. This is the person that absorbs Vorago’s Melee hits and move him around when needed.

Bomb Tanks are the second tank who takes all of Vorago’s Magic attacks. This stands the farthest away and from other players to prevent AoE damage.

Top Lure/V5 (TL5 or Jumper) is the person that jumps on Vorago in Phase 1 and plays a key role in future phases.


Before you are allowed to start the fight, Vorago will blast your entire party with a 50,000 (70,000 in Hard Mode) typeless hit, split across your entire party. If one of your members do not have the necessary LP to live, the party cannot go in.

Phase 1

Attack Rotation: Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

Explosive Bomb: Vorago will shoot out a red bomb and Magic attack straight at a target, most likely the person farthest away. The Magic attack, unlike his normal attacks, does not home into targets, so run away from it to avoid more damage. When it strikes, it will do 2000 (3,000 in Hard Mode) damage, put all Defence abilities on cooldown for 6 seconds, and remove all Defence buffs except for Anticipation’s 10% damage reduction. For every player within his or her 5×5 radius, damage will increase by 1000 (1500 in Hard Mode), up to a cap of 7000 (10500 in Hard Mode).

At this phase, the TL5 needs to go west and climb through the cliffside. Once he reaches the top, he needs to stand at the ledge and use Provoke on Vorago. By this point, Vorago will be attracted to the TL5, then he needs to run two steps north and two steps west to lure Vorago in the right spot. At that point, run back to the ledge, and the Base Tank needs to run in front of Vorago and draw his attention so his back is facing the TL5. At that point, the TL5 needs to jump onto Vorago by clicking on the ledge to get out the first weapon piece.

On Hard Mode, Vorago can drag the jumper from the ledge to the ground, requiring yet another climb. In addition, when the phase starts, everyone in the team will be sent a red bomb. These use normal mode values, so they do 2000-7000 damage instead of 3000-10500.

Phase 2

Attack Rotation: Bleeds – 3 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

Bleeds: Vorago will smash a target five times for 1000 Melee bleeds (3,000 in Hard Mode), which hits up to 10 times. If you are smashed while you’re still bleeding, you will be hit by a 6000 typeless hit (10,000 in Hard Mode). This doesn’t reset Defence ability cooldowns, but it does remove the effects, so don’t use them right before. Damage is reduced by 10% for every square away from Vorago until 6 squares away, completely clearing the bleed. Normal armor/Defence level soaking and Anticipation does soak part of the damage.

Reflect: Vorago will link his mind with a player (two in Hard Mode), turning him to a meatshield for the next 10 seconds. During this period, all attacks done on Vorago are instead transmitted to the player, bleeds and stuns included, so don’t attack if you want to keep your friends. On Hard Mode there is no warning, affects more people at once, and attackers take damage too.

Unique to this phase’s reflect are gravity orbs. They spawn in a random location during the reflect, and you need to lure Vorago to it and click on it to send it to him. Repeat it four times, then Vorago will stumble.

Bring him down!: During this part, a bar will appear at the top, which will only fill up by spam-clicking Vorago. At the bar fills, you will take constant 150 (250 in Hard Mode) damage. Once it’s completely filled up, you have around 12 seconds (around 7.8 in Hard Mode) to do as much damage as possible. If you succeed, you can proceed through the phase. If not, you have to throw two more gravity orbs until you can try again.

Phase 3

Vorago has a curveball in the form of alternate special attacks, starting in this phase. Every time the weekly reset comes around, Vorago switches up a certain special attack to influence the fight in different ways. The rotations start in this order: ceiling collapse, Scopulus, Vitalis, green bomb, teamsplit, The End.

Ceiling Collapse

Attack Rotation: Ceiling Collapse – 3 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Ceiling Collapse – 3 Attacks – Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

Ceiling Collapse: Vorago will shoot upwards into the air, and a shadow will drop in a random area. He will jump up into the air, land in a randomized location in the arena, and rocks will fall down where the shadow fell over. The debris hits for 8000, spread across the number of people impacted. Therefore, it’s best for the entire group, save for the Bomb Tank, to stick together to minimize damage, if everyone is new. In Hard Mode, the damage does a fixed 6000 to everyone without splitting, so just avoid it flat-out.

The impact radius is 7×7 and the debris that’s left occupies a 5×5 radius. You can remove the debris by right clicking it, but it will hit you for 4000 (7000 in Hard Mode). Up to seven rocks can be in the arena at a time, leaving two open spaces at least.


Vorago will become invulnerable and summon two scopuli (three in Hard Mode), while repeatedly shooting out Magic attacks.

Scopuli have 150,000 LP and hit upwards to 3000 with Melee. The closer one is to another, the more accurate and damaging they get. Their attacks are AoE with a 3×3 radius from the target, like Zaros Phase Nex, so spread out a bit.

When a scopulus dies, its twin will be enraged, and heal 10% of his LP. Attack speed doubles, the radius expands from 3×3 to 5×5, and damage and accuracy will increase. On Hard Mode they’re connected to each other in an anticlockwise direction. The southeast scopulus is connected to the southwest, the southwest with the north, and north with southeast. Killing one enrages the scopulus that was on the other connection.


Attack Rotation: Vitalis – 3 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Vitalis – 3 Attacks – Bleeds – 3 Attacks

Vitalis: Vorago will shoot out a blue orb to a random area next to him. Once it impacts the ground, up to five vitali (eight in Hard Mode) will spawn. They each have 20,000 LP with a max hit of 1000 with Melee. They attack fast, can run, and most annoyingly of all block your line of sight and can’t be walked through, so expect to see your channeled thresholds suddenly cancel due to a stray vitalis running through your vision. Up to 15 (25 in Hard Mode) can spawn, which can really hurt.

There is a way to prevent them from spawning, however. If you simply stand in the general area where the orbs impact the ground, instead of a vitalis spawning, you instead take 2000 (3000 in Hard Mode) damage. This is classified as a “typed” typeless hit (if that made any sense), meaning damage reduction abilities can reduce or negate the damage – that being Anticipation, Debilitate, Reflect, Barricade, and Resonance (you won’t heal though). Spirit shields can also soak damage. Berserk does increase damage taken by 50%, however. This means if you have enough people standing on the vitalis orbs, no vitalis will spawn, but the team will take damage in return.

Unlike other Phase 3 rotations, this one has bleeds instead of explosive bomb, so act quickly to get rid of them.

Green Bomb

Attack Rotation: Green Bomb – 5 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Green Bomb – 5 Attacks – Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

Green Bomb: Vorago will shoot out a green bomb that will land in a random place. Once it lands, white mist will cover that part of the arena. Standing in it is hazardous – you take 300-1000 damage from standing in it, and adrenaline is reduced by 10% every time you get hit. Keep away if you want to have even a remote chance at DPS. After that, it will target a random player and head straight to it. Once it impacts, one of two things will happen:

– If no one is within a 5×5 radius of the targeted person, the bomb simply detonates for a 10,000 hit and Vorago uses the next special attack (in this case, reflect) immediately after, speeding up the phase. Ouch.

– If someone is within that 5×5 radius, the bomb explodes, hitting for a 1000 in a 3×3 radius and targeting to another player. This repeats four more times, although it will only damage a total of three times after. However, should a person that was targeted already be targeted again, the bomb will deal 7000-9000 damage. So if you got hit once by it, keep a clear distance from the bomb if you value your yak and vitality.

In both cases, once the bomb hits, the player loses 10% adrenaline. On Hard Mode there is no warning.


Attack Rotation: Teamsplit – 3 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Teamsplit – 3 Attacks – Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

Teamsplit: Vorago will become invulnerable temporarily and charge up an attack. During this time, he will turn your team into a red or green color while summoning red and green tiles on the ground. To avoid damage, you simply need to move into the colored tile that corresponds with your own color. You have around 7.8 (6 in Hard Mode with no warning) seconds to move it, and if you don’t make it in time, you’ll be slammed with a 8000 (9000 in Hard Mode). The tiles are 2×2 (1×1 in Hard Mode). Pretty self-explanatory.

The End

Attack Rotation: The End – 3 Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – The End – 3 Attacks – Explosive Bomb – 4 Attacks

The End: Vorago will raise his arms up in the air, and then bring them down to seal off a corner within Vorago’s vision. If you’re not within that area, you will take 200 damage, increasing by 100 until you enter it. In Hard Mode, it hits at double speed. Vorago will not attack you directly, so turn on Soul Split and attack away.

He won’t stay like that for the entire time, though. Periodically, he will move one of his arm to let you get to the next corner, then move his other arm to seal off the previous corner you were in. If you get hit by the arm, you take 2500 (5000 in Hard Mode) damage.

For the next few corners, a blue, red, and purple bomb will be placed in a corner, in that order. Activating it will send a bomb of that color to members of the team, acting like what you would normally expect.

The purple bomb is a unique one – when activated, a maximum of five players (10 in Hard Mode) will turn into a vitalis and have a countdown over their head. Once it hits zero, it hits for 2000 (4000 in Hard Mode) with a 5×5 radius (7×7 in Hard Mode).

Phase 4

Attack Rotation: Waterfall – 3 Attacks – Stone Clone – 7 Attacks – Weekly Attack – 3 Attacks (4 on Scopulus) – Bleeds (Explosive Bomb on The End) – 3 Attacks (4 Attacks on The End)

Waterfall: Vorago will charge up an attack in the center of the room, and a waterfall will appear in a random corner of the arena. You need to behind the waterfall to avoid damage within 10.2 seconds. If not, you get hit for 9000-10000 (10000-11000 in Hard Mode, within 7.8 seconds and no warning to boot!)

Stone Clone: For a random non-target of Vorago, a stone clone will be summoned. They have 10000 LP with fairly high defense, and are capable of using EoC abilities. They can stun, bleed, and hit at least 2000. Once it appears, Vorago will take drastically less damage until he uses the weekly attack. Clones can also only be killed by the original person and someone who just recently killed a clone. On Hard Mode, they spawn with 50% adrenaline.

On Scopulus, the weekly attack is replaced by an Explosive Bomb.
On The End, bleeds are replaced by an Explosive Bomb.

Like Phase 2, Vorago cannot die until the third waterfall, when the final weapon piece comes out.

Phase 5

Attack Rotation: Weekly Attack – Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Bleeds – 3 Attacks

In this phase, you and your team will be on a small plateau, limiting your range of movement. To defeat Vorago, you need to push him to the other side of the arena and use the completed maul of omens to defeat him. While the phase is starting up, make sure you assemble the pieces together, else you will take some minor damage per 1.2 seconds.

Vorago works like tug-o-war – when you do enough damage, he will be pushed back. If Vorago hits your team, he will push you all back. For enough damage Vorago does to the team (with some exceptions), Vorago will push you all back. If Vorago is pushed far enough, you can use the maul of omens to finish the fight. If Vorago pushes your team to the edge, the entire team dies.

In addition, Vorago is immune to Provoke and Incite, meaning he will switch targets randomly.

His weekly attacks are also altered:

Melee bleeds: Smashes only three times, and double bleeds are reduced to 4500 (7500 on Hard Mode).

Vitalis: Only 2-4 people are needed to block spawns (random). Additionally, if Vorago pushes you back to the edge enough, he will use a red bomb instead. The special thing about this is that it completely skips the reflect, giving the team a renewed chance of making a comeback.

Green bomb: No mist is created, and only the first three bounces hurt.

Teamsplit (Ceiling collapse): Ceiling collapse is replaced by teamsplit.

The End (Scopulus): Only purple bombs appear, up to a cap of 5. They technically work the same way as they do on Phase 3, but the method of dealing with them is different. More on this later.

DPS Strategies

Phase 1

Your first priority is to build up to 100% adrenaline to use Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine, then adrenaline pot immediately to 50% to use Snapshot/Wild Magic. By this point, Vorago would be at a good enough LP to jump on for the first weapon piece (if you’re the jumper). Finish off Phase 1, and try to build up to 100% adrenaline for Phase 2.

Maxing Phase 2 XP

Maxing Phase 2 XP (26,600 XP) is an unofficial test in measuring how good your DPS rotations are at Vorago (and can be applied elsewhere). Following some basic guidelines can always net you max, but depending on gear and luck, that may not be the case.

The guidelines are:

– Timing damage-boosting ultimates and Snipe/Detonate (if using Ranged/Magic). To effectively max XP, you need to use them like this:
— Bleeds (Berserk/Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine) -> Reflect (charge up Snipe/Detonate after Vorago does his first attack, then release when reflect wears off)
— Build up to Onslaught and use it until your health is dangerously low, then build to 100% adrenaline before next reflect
— Sunshine right as reflect finishes, using your adrenaline potion (Second bleeds and reflect)
— Bleeds -> Reflect (Snipe/Detonate)
— Bleeds (Berserk/Death’s Swiftness/Sunshine) -> Reflect

On “Bring him down”, just use thresholds.

Phase 3

In the middle of the arena, there is a crack in the ground shaped like an L. Standing on it positions you in the best place possible to deal with teamsplit and The End (and waterfalls for Phase 4).

Ceiling Collapse

Keep an eye out for the shadows and move accordingly. In the meantime, use your best thresholds and get off before reflect. Use Sunshine right after and DPS him down to zero. If you have inexperienced people, you may want to group up together so should a rock land in your position, you all take less damage.

On Hard Mode, just use thresholds from beginning to end. Start with Asphyxiate first, then Dragonbreath and Wild Magic. Deep Impact quickly, then get off on reflect. Charge Detonate, and release with Dragonbreath. Asphyxiate again, then use Sonic Wave/Concentrated Blast and then Wild Magic. Finish the phase with basics.


Have the entire team move to the southwest side and pile the west scopulus. Sunshine and adrenaline pot to double Wild Magic, then kill the scopuli. Be wary of using Chain, as it could hit the other scopulus and draw it towards the team. Once the first scopulus dies, attack the second one. Whomever is targeted by the second scopulus should use Devotion to prevent massive hits.

On Hard Mode, you’ll need to split up your team to kill the three scopuli. If you have 10 people or above, have all roles (base, bomb tanks, jumper) go north to kill that scopulus, while the DPS split themselves up to kill the other scopulus at the south side. If you have below 10 people, have everyone go south to kill both scopuli south at once, then pile the north scopulus once both are dead.


Everyone but the bomb tank should stay at the northeast corner. Right as Vorago lands, attack him and use your best thresholds. Run to the orbs to block spawns, then wait for reflect to wear off. Use your ult and DPS Vorago down to zero while the tanks and fifth voke take care of bleeds.

On Hard Mode, after the first vitalis orb and during reflect, run into Melee distance, charge up Detonate, and pray Protect from Melee. Once reflect ends, use Detonate and threshold until zero. Completely ignore the second vitalis spawn until Vorago is finished, then build up to 100% adrenaline on them. Take care of bleeds as you normally would.

Green bomb

Due to how green bombs work, you need to pass it on to other people after getting hit once to avoid massive damage. There are two effective ways to deal with this: the square method and the mass method.

The square method is basically a formation where four party members make a 3×3 square next to Vorago (perferribly in Melee distance with the north side right next to Vorago), each member occupying a corner. This means that should a bomb land in the south side, the square won’t be hit by the mist, and if the green bomb hits someone within the square, the bomb passes on with only the initially targeted person hit.

Majority of the time, it will first target someone in the square. Once this happens, the first two people hit by the bomb needs to run away from the group. The last two people MUST STAY THERE, as after the first three bounces, the bomb will deal no damage, but keep on passing. Despite that, even if it’s at the end of its life and you’re not close to anyone, it will still detonate for a 10k. Once the bomb disappears, the two people that left goes back into position.

Should the green bomb target the bomb tank or someone not within the square, you need to find a way to still pass on the bomb to within the square. Talk with your team if the targeted person comes to the square or someone within the square runs out to continue passing on the bomb. Regardless, have the bomb go through the square, but since someone was already hit by the green bomb, only one person needs to run for the square.

Within the square, use your thresholds and DPS as much as possible until the reflect. Once it finishes, Sunshine/Onslaught and finish off Vorago.

The mass method is used more in large groups and Hard Mode. All of the DPS stand in a similar place, clustered together, use Sunshine or Onslaught, then take down Vorago ASAP. Should the green bomb target someone, that person just needs to run to someone else, and keep playing hot potato – just remember to pass in the same direction!


Threshold, Snipe/Detonate right after reflect, ult after the second teamsplit, and avoid teamsplits to the best of your ability. Not much else to say.

The End

There are two glitch spots to make this attack more manageable. If Vorago’s arms are pointing to the southwest and southeast corners, you can stand in the exact middle of his arms’ gaps and not get hit by the arm at all. After that, you can slip through and not take any suffocation damage at all. Since Vorago has a 50/50 chance of his arms pointing in the north side or south side, there are different opportunities to do maximum DPS.

If Vorago is pointing south, use your ult immediately and drink your adrenaline potion. Hurricane/Snapshot/Wild Magic ASAP, and slip through his arms. Continue attacking until Vorago gets to the purple bomb corner, and any person that didn’t glitch through should tag it immediately.

If Vorago is pointing north, just ult in the second quadrant, glitch out of the arms, then quickly go back to your ult. Start with Assault/Rapid Fire/Asphyxiate immediately and then Hurricane/Snapshot/Wild Magic right after. After that, only use your thresholds if the corner Vorago is in is the blue bomb corner. Otherwise, just build with basics.

In any case, once the purple bomb is tagged at the end, you can choose to either Barricade all three bombs or use Resonance on the blue bomb and tank the red and purple bombs. If you choose to Barricade, use it immediately when the purple bomb goes off or when your purple bomb timer hits 10 seconds (on Hard Mode) so you can block everything flawlessly. On Hard Mode, due to the amount of people available, the purple bomb may detonate after the red bomb, so caution is still advised.

Phase 4

Getting as much XP on Phase 4 as possible is a bit different than Phase 2. That said, there are other guidelines to follow there.

– After each waterfall, attack Vorago with Barge/Snapshot/Dragonbreath, Hurricane/Snipe/Wild Magic, Assault/Rapid Fire/Asphyxiate, and Quake/Bombardment/Deep Impact. If your adrenaline potion is not available, build up to 100% adrenaline after Vorago summons the clone, then prepare to use Natural Instinct for the first go (you won’t be able to use Natural Instinct after the second waterfall). If it’s available, do not use Natural Instinct right then, save it for after the second waterfall. This is because if you use your adrenaline potion after the second waterfall, you won’t be able to use it for Phase 5.

– If the rotation is Green bomb, designate one of the DPS as the “green bomb tank” to speed up the phase. Doing the square/circle method is inefficient, as if the green bomb immediately detonates, Vorago will begin bleeds quicker. It’s a good idea for the tank to use Transfigure and/or phoenix necklaces to quickly restore LP after the 10k hit. Use Natural Instinct two attacks after the clone is summoned.

– If the rotation is Teamsplit, wait until after it to use Sunshine, then DPS until reflect. Use Natural Instinct four attacks after the clone is summoned, then build up adrenaline with Defence abilities to 100%.

– If the rotation is The End, deal with it how you normally would on Phase 3. Use Natural Instinct four or five attacks after the clone is summoned.

– For every other rotation, Sunshine after the damage reduction wears off and attack until reflect while dealing with mechanics as per usual. Use Natural Instinct two attacks after the clone is summoned.

– Snipe/Detonate after every reflect.

Phase 5 (Normal Mode Exclusive)

Phase 5 requires both good consistent DPS and damage reduction. Below are the general guidelines to follow for every rotation to maximize efficiency.

– All of the DPS should hug the south wall, grouped together, but not within Vorago’s Melee distance nor farther away from him than the bomb tank.

– Threshold immediately after Vorago drops down, then build up to 100% before reflect. DO NOT USE FREEDOM TO STALL ADRENALINE.

– Sunshine or Onslaught (on Teamsplit or if confident in your DPS) after reflect, use an adrenaline potion, and DPS as much as possible. By this point, Vorago will be bleeding random people, so use your Freedom to clear it then run to the middle. If you for some reason get double-bled, use Escape to clear it. If you used Escape, STAY THERE, as if you’re unfortunate enough to get triple-bled, you can just run forward, close to Vorago to clear the bleed. After bleeds are done, run back to the DPS pile.

Ceiling Collapse/Teamsplit

Avoiding teamsplits is old news by this point, but due to the fact that teamsplit stalls can waste Sunshine, it’s better to use Onslaught, but Sunshine is still an ok choice if you don’t feel like risking LP.

Scopulus/The End

Purple bombs will appear over the team, going off one at a time per 5 ticks. Due to the more dense area, a bomb that hits the entire team at once will greatly cause Vorago to push you back a lot.

To reduce the overall damage, you need to “run your purples”. Basically, all of the team except for the bomb tank will group up on the south wall as normal. Once your purple bomb timer hits 5, run straight to the north wall and let it detonate, then return to your group. If timed right, only you will be hit instead of other nearby people.


Step back a bit (do NOT go to the middle of the platform to try to block the orbs – just being on the south wall is enough!) to block the vitalis and then attack more. Should any vitali spawn for some reason, attack it and don’t use any AoE abilities in case Vorago is close to reflecting.

Green bomb

Since there isn’t a lot of room to do the square or circle method, it’s best to have everyone south as usual. The person who gets targeted by the green bomb should move to the center and let it detonate. After that, he runs north to avoid getting double-bombed by the green bomb while the south side tanks the rest of the green bomb. Once reflect comes, ult after and DPS until the end.

Jumper and Tanking Roles

Phase 1

The jumper should move to the west part of the arena, next to the gap. Climb up to the top and stand at the edge of the ledge. Attack Vorago and use Provoke to draw his attention. At that point, walk two steps north and two steps west to lure him into the correct position. Run back to the edge and jump when Vorago is at 15k-20k. Finish off Vorago into Phase 2.

You don’t need to stand at the ledge to get a good spot to Provoke, but it’s a good point for beginner jumper + V5s to learn where the location is after doing it over and over.

The tanks should stand near the middle and start to build adrenaline. The base tank should run north and use Provoke to draw Vorago’s attention, while the bomb tank runs south at max range to draw all of the bombs after the initial red bomb. Base should lure Vorago to the north side (northeast corner in Hard Mode) while the jumper makes the climb, rotating Defence abilities to reduce damage.

When Vorago is drawn to the jumper, run to Vorago and go in front of him (Surge towards him and immediately Provoke while the jumper jumps).

Rotating Defence abilities is not as simple as DPSing. There are a lot of variables to consider, like your current health, the status of your ability cooldowns, and where Vorago is in his attack rotation. That said, guidelines to upkeep:

– Resonance when Reflect in terms of priority, use if sitting at a comfortable 3k-8k
– Barricade if you get a red bomb
– Don’t be afraid to eat! A kill where you need to eat a bit is better than a kill where you die from no eating.

As base tank after luring him to the north wall, I like to use Resonance on the first hit, then Preperation and Anticipation. Once Vorago launches the red bomb, use Devotion and build up to 100% adrenaline. You can choose to either Sunshine and let a DPS voke back when needed or run to Vorago’s place and then Sunshine. After that, rotate Debilitate/Reflect until the phase is over.

As a bomb tank, I just DPS as much as I can with Soul Split up, using Resonance on blue bombs. When the red bomb hits, avoid the blue bomb by running either west or east and then using Anticipation to reduce further damage from other blue bombs. Build up to 100% adrenaline, then use Sunshine. Adrenaline potion to Wild Magic, and then DPS down until the jumper latches on. Use Devotion only after a red bomb, and right after a red bomb use Anticipation to help shave off more damage. Otherwise, try to do as much damage as possible within your Sunshine with Soul Split up so you can heal back the damage from the bombs. Should the phase be prolonged for a long time, you may have to make use of Barricade to block damage from the red bombs.

Phase 2

The base, bomb, and jumper should all come to Vorago within Melee distance. Vorago would have bled the base tank immediately. He should Freedom immediately and Provoke right after, as Vorago can randomly switch aggression to random people to bleed, and that’s no bueno.

Right as Vorago smashes the base a second time and he uses Escape to clear the second bleed, the bomb tank needs to Provoke (preferably in Melee distance) to draw attention, then Freedom and Escape to clear his own bleeds. During the third bleed, Vorago will shoot out a Magic attack, so the base tank (and second bomb tank if 11+ people or in Hard Mode) tanks it after the Escape. After that fourth bleed, the jumper (or whomever is Voke 5) will Provoke and Freedom the bleed. The base regains aggression at this point. On Hard Mode, general convention is that instead of a bomb tank taking the third and fourth bleed, a second DPS takes it instead.

When gravity orbs appear, the base just needs to move Vorago towards it. It’s best to move two squares at a time so Vorago doesn’t waste ticks trying to attack because he walked on you, slightly speeding up the phase slightly. However, if you lure Vorago into the correct spot, you won’t have to move Vorago at all. To do this, the base tank should stand two squares south of the L-crack, then when the phase starts the tank clears bleeds as per usual and

As for ability rotations, as this is a timed phase, DPS isn’t very important. Therefore, it’s perfectly fine to shield camp the entire phase, save for the very end. For basing, you’ll want to save Devotion/Barricade for the 4 autoattacks between the red bomb and bleeds. Alternate between the two, while using Debilitate for the period of attacks before reflect. If Debilitate splashes, use Anticipation. Reflect for the attacks after, and that’s all that should be done.

Phase 3

The base now takes the role of DPS, with one small exception. Certain weeks’ attacks can delay the kill if used, so the base is responsible for walking under Vorago repeatedly so he cannot attack at all. The only two weeks this applies at all is teamsplit and The End. On teamsplit, you’ll want to walk Vorago if he’s

The bomb, however, now takes all of the autoattacks, as he Provokes Vorago to him. This is so running near Vorago (which is helpful for ceilings and green bomb) isn’t so painful. Deal with mechanics as usual and proceed.

Phase 4

The base vokes Vorago and both the base and bomb tank resumes tanking as normal. Be careful not to use Freedom as you’ll need that to clear bleeds that will come up (unless on The End rotation). Bomb tank should use Devotion after clone spawns, then they can choose to use Barricade after the weekly attack.

Phase 5 (Normal Mode Exclusive)

The base once again takes the role of DPS.

The bomb tank is the most important role here, since it’s in charge of reducing Vorago’s push. Right as the first blue hits, Barricade instantly as the DPS’ big damage cannot come until after reflects. On reflect, build adrenaline then use Sunshine and adrenaline pot to Asphyxiate and Wild Magic. Use Debilitate for the next three bombs come while you keep on DPSing. By this point, given enough luck with hits, you and your team would have already pushed Vorago to the edge.

If you fail to push to the end before the second weekly special, however, repeat the same strategy except you can’t use Barricade after the weekly special attack, so you can choose to either tank or just use Devotion.

Difficulty Scaling

Unique among Vorago is his combat capabilities scaling with the amount of people active in the room. As more players are present in the arena, Vorago will scale his special attacks and attributes to a higher degree. The things that scale are as follows:

– If there are 11 or more people, Vorago will shoot two Magic attacks at once instead of one. It will also have a chance of randomly targeting people that aren’t the farthest away, which increases with even more people, so be careful. In addition, reflect targets two people instead of one.

– For every 7 players active, there will be an additional clone that will spawn per person. A player that killed a stone clone of their own can begin to attack other clones to help out.

– This difficulty automatically adjusts itself except for Phase 5 (10/11), where it adjusts itself after reflect.

Phase 10/11 (Hard Mode Exclusive)

Attack Rotation: Weekly Attack – Attacks – Reflect – 3 Attacks – Second Weekly Attack – Attacks

This is the biggest trial of Hard Mode Vorago – this requires very good coordination between both DPS and bomb tanks to ensure victory.

Unlike normal mode, Vorago will use two weekly attacks. The second weekly attack depends on the current week.

Ceiling collapse (Teamsplit): Green bomb
Scopulus (Purple bombs): Teamsplit
Vitalis: Purple bomb
Green bomb: Vitalis
Teamsplit: Teamsplit
The End (Purple bombs): Bleeds

For example on vitalis, it will look like Vitalis -> 3 Attacks -> Reflect -> Purple bomb -> 5 attacks. On green bomb it’s Green bomb -> 5 Attacks -> Reflect -> Vitalis -> 3 attacks, and etc.

When you beat Phase 10 and maul, it’s not quite the end! Vorago will throw off the mauler, drain all your adrenaline, and jump behind you, closer to the edge compared to the beginning of Phase 10. The second weekly attack also changes:

Ceiling collapse (Teamsplit): Vitalis
Scopulus (Purple bombs): Vitalis
Vitalis: Bleeds
Green bomb: Teamsplit
Teamsplit: Purple bombs
The End (Purple bombs): Vitalis

Basic Guidelines

REMEMBER TO RUN YOUR PURPLE BOMBS! One failed run of a purple bomb will cause Vorago to push you back extremely quickly, and there is less room for error for Hard Mode purples. In addition, instead of a cap of 5 bombs, there’s a cap of 10 bombs, so there’s more room for error.

– Whenever Vorago sends out vitalis orbs, all of the DPS should step back to block it while bomb tanks do their best to Intercept. If it’s vitalis week and he uses a red bomb instead of vitalis, reflect is skipped immediately to the next special, so keep DPSing. Should a random red bomb go on the DPS pile, have half of the team move to the other side and all of the DPS should eat above 10,500 LP. The number of people needed to block the spawns also increases to 3-5 people, where the number is random.

– Deal with green bomb like you normally do. If you get the message that Vorago’s raw power reset your defensives, run north so you don’t risk getting a double bounce to be hit for 8k+.

– If a teamsplit is after reflect, Vorago will send instant autoattacks right after it, meaning if a DPS goes in a teamsplit, there’s a possibility a blue bomb will be dragged into the pile, causing Vorago to push back a lot. To get around this, only bomb tanks should enter the teamsplit and the DPS should tank it. Phoenix necklaces are extremely helpful for restoring back health without brewing/eating, which both causes a lot of DPS loss. If the teamsplit is before reflect, anyone can go in without worry.

– Pray Melee when bleeds are happening, so if you can’t instantly clear bleeds you can at least prevent half of the damage. They hurt, and if you get instantly doubled you have a high chance of dying.

– The timing of mauling Phase 10 is critical. Phase 10 and 11’s attack rotation overlap with each other, and mauling at inappropriate times can cause an undesired special attack to happen at the wrong time, potentially ruining the kill. Take ceilings for example: if you mauled right after green bomb is launched, Vorago will continue with his 5 attacks before teamsplit. If you mauled right after teamsplit, it’s 3 attacks, reflect, 3 attacks, then Phase 11 second weekly, and etc. On the other hand, if you mauled right before Vorago will do reflect, he’ll do an instant reflect then 3 attacks then second special attack, and it can potentially kill you if not careful.

DPS Strategy


P10: Wild Magic, Dragonbreath, and Asphyxiate (defined as threshold if making calls) at start after teamsplit. Build up to 100% adrenaline before reflect, then apply Vulnerability debuffs. After reflect, Onslaught immediately and you should maul as soon as possible after green bomb launch. Aim for only 1-3 blues launched at most. If 4-5 blues are launched, wait until next green bomb to maul, and just threshold out of teamsplit and reflect.

P11: Build adrenaline until teamsplit. Threshold out of teamsplit, then build back to 100% adrenaline. Depending on your cooldowns, you should Sunshine + adren or Onslaught. If you got it within one push, your Onslaught won’t be available, so just Sunshine. Keep DPSing and block the vitalis orb when it appears. Cycle between Sunshine, thresholds, and Onslaught and you should be able to get to the end no problem.


P10: Threshold on drop immediately. Remember to run your purple bombs! After using all of your thresholds, get ready to eat up to full LP and have 100% adrenaline. Run to this teamsplit while bomb tanks tank it. Wild Magic out and Dragonbreath to Sonic Wave to Onslaught. After your Onslaught, you should be able to push back Vorago to the point where he’ll be in maul spot without any blues sent out. If not, then prepare to repeatedly tank teamsplits as you’ll Sunshine right before teamsplit and then DPS as hard as you can after it.

P11: Build adrenaline until reflect. After reflect, immediately Onslaught or Sunshine, again dependent on how quickly you finished P10. Continue to rotate Sunshine, thresholds, and Onslaught and remember to step back to block vitalis orbs. Eventually you should get it, as long as you remember to keep running your purple bombs!


P10: Threshold on drop immediately and step back to block the vitalis orb. DPS until reflect, then Onslaught. If your DPS is good enough, you’ll be able to maul on purple bomb launch with no problem. Otherwise if you manage to push him back to the end before vitalis, you can maul right when vitalis is sent out. A final option is mauling right after reflect to skip it, allowing you to DPS through P11 without much worries. If you still fail to maul, just Sunshine after reflect and DPS more.

P11: Build to 100% adrenaline and react appropriately to the next special attack. If vitalis orb comes, step back to deal with that. If it’s reflect, get off in time, and if it’s bleeds just DPS through. In either case, use Onslaught or Sunshine and push him back to the end.

Green bomb

P10: Onslaught straight away on drop and hold it. In general, you should get it down to the point where you can maul instantly. If Vorago sent out too many blues though, just hold off on mauling until the next green bomb. Before that, just Sunshine or threshold depending on how far along he is. If he’s really close, just use thresholds.

P11: Build adrenaline then get off on reflect. After reflect, go inside the first teamsplit and Onslaught or Sunshine out of it while bomb tanks tank it. DPS him down until reflect. From here on, DPSers will tank EVERY teamsplit while bomb tanks go inside. Keep rotating ultimates until you get the kill.


P10: Threshold out of teamsplit, build adrenaline until reflect. Sunshine before second teamsplit and build more. Reprisal if you have it, otherwise just use Wild Magic and Asphyxiate. Rotate thresholds and ultimates until you maul on reflect. Onslaught here is bad and won’t be channeled quickly enough.

P11: Right away, you’ll get purple bombs after three attacks. Make sure you run your purples! Right when they spawn, everyone should use Asphyxiate to maximize pushback as much as possible. Keep using strong basics and thresholds until teamsplit. Get off on reflect, then finish the phase with Onslaught. If something goes wrong during Onslaught, keep running purple bombs and then finish with Sunshine.

Purple bomb

P10: Threshold on drop immediately and remember to run purple bombs! Get off on reflect, then Sunshine and DPS on bleeds. You should easily be able to maul on purple bomb launch after bleeds.

P11: Build adrenaline until reflect. After reflect, immediately Onslaught or Sunshine, again dependent on how quickly you finished P10. Continue to rotate Sunshine, thresholds, and Onslaught and remember to step back to block vitalis orbs. Eventually you should get it, as long as you remember to keep running your purple bombs!