The defender of the Heart of Gielinor, the massive Anima warrior will stop at nothing until all invaders are wiped away. Do you have what it takes to take down this mighty warrior of the Heart?

General Information

LP: 400,000+ (the more enrage he has, the more health he has. For every % of enrage he has, he’ll gain 1000 extra LP, up to a cap of 600,000).
Attack Styles: Melee, Magic
Max hit: 2000+ at 0%, increases with enrage
Weakness: None

In general, Telos will primarily stand at most of 3 squares away to fight you, attacking with Melee only. If he cannot attack you with Melee, he will switch to Magic, then resume Meleeing once he gets back into range. The higher his enrage, the harder he hits, but his accuracy does not increase. Unlike Raids bosses, these attacks do NOT pierce block chance.

Like Araxxor, Telos has an enrage system. What separates Telos’s enrage from Araxxor’s is that while they’re both anti-farming, Telos’s enrage serves as a motivating factor, as higher enrage equals higher drop rate of rares and better normal loot.

Telos is immune to nothing (this includes stuns and binds!), but can break out of binds after a few seconds if stunlocked too much. Unlike practically every other boss, nearly every one of Telos’s special attacks are all affected by defensive abilities. However, Resonance will not heal from them, only block.


Melee leads to the quickest kills from 0%-99%, but Magic is by far the most flexible of the combat styles and becomes the fastest style in majority of the relevant kills. It is highly recommended you use Magic for Telos, which is what this guide will revolve around with a bit of side notes for Melee/Ranged.

Unlike at Araxxor, tank gear is very helpful for enrage you have troubles with. Since blocking a lot of damage is very helpful and Telos isn’t that big of a DPS boss due to how much DPS buffs you can get during the kill, it’s perfectly viable to use to secure kills.

If using Melee or Ranged, bring Disruption Shield runes as a way to block certain special attacks.

If using Magic, there are two options: taking standard spells to bring Vulnerability to increase your DPS or taking Ancients for Barrages and other utility. However, the best option is to use Ancients and take Blood Barrage. Ice Barrage is also very useful, but it should only be used as a switch, and Shield Dome is also very much appreciated here. More on them later.

Dreadnips and weapon poison++ are very helpful to add a lot of DPS for free, with the extra perk that dreadnips can stun Telos. Make the effort to always have both active at once on Telos.

Phase 1

Attack Rotation: Tendrils -> 3 Attacks -> Uppercut -> 3 Attacks -> Hold still, invader -> 3 Attacks

Before the attack rotation starts, Telos will always start with 7 autoattacks.

Tendrils: Telos will hold you in place (after dragging you MD if using Melee), hitting you for rapid 500s+ and drain 5% adrenaline per tick. You will have to deal a certain amount of damage explicitly stated on screen, and the amount needed increases with enrage. Reflect, poison, and familiar damage ALL count, so you can potentially just use Reflect and have both damage reduced and dealt. Damage is tracked immediately as the message appears.

Uppercut: Telos will wind up, shouting “Gielinor, give me strength!”, then attack you after 3 seconds, hitting for . You cannot run away from this attack, as Telos will track your movements. Fortunately, if you Surge/Escape at the same tick, you avoid all damage, and again defensive abilities can reduce/block damage.

Hold still, invader: Telos will say “Hold still, invader.” and you will be hit for a 100% accurate Melee attack that scales with enrage. After 3 seconds, Telos will jump on your past area and hit for 4k+ damage.

Green beam: Periodically in the fight, a green beam will spawn, running either vertically or horizontally in the arena. If Telos is inside the beam, the bar below his health will charge up. If you are inside the beam, you gain a massive adrenaline buff (10% adrenaline per tick, and Natural Instinct doubles the gain!) at the cost of -2% prayer per tick. If Telos’s bar is completely filled up, the next special attack he does is SO MUCH POWER (SMP).

SO MUCH POWER (SMP): Telos will immediately throw a huge, fast, and unavoidable anima ball at you, hitting for 5.5k+. This can easily catch people offguard and kill people at high enrage, so be wary of it. SMP does not interrupt the attack rotation, and he will do the next special attack in the intended rotation after 3 more attacks. SMP will also drain the blue bar back to zero. Uppercuts also drain a bit of the blue bar.

After Phase 1 is cleared, Telos will smash the platform and you will automatically jump to the next platform. The blue bar will reset between each phase.

Phase 2

Attack Rotation: Tendrils -> 3 Attacks -> Onslaught -> 3 Attacks -> Hold still, invader -> 3 Attacks -> Virus -> 3 Attacks -> Uppercut -> 3 Attacks

In this phase, Telos cannot use SMP. Instead, the blue bar contributes to something else.

Onslaught: Telos will root himself in one place (you can’t even move him at all if you go under!) and start spamming Magic attacks. Each attack will drain from the blue bar. Much like the player ability, Telos’s attacks get progressively stronger and stronger, except he doesn’t get any recoil damage. This uses the blue bar like SMP does. Attacks pierce block chance like Raids autoattacks (but they can still be reduced if you “blocked” them), and they cannot be delayed by stuns. Stuns do nothing but “bind” him on this phase, and although he can’t move at all, abilities like Wrack and Slice still get their damage boosted.

Virus: Introduced at 50% mechanic, completely skipped over before then. More details below.

Black beam: Similar to the green beam, except it provides a different buff. The black beam lowers damage taken and dealt by 30%, so it’s useful to stand in them for later Onslaught hits. If Telos is inside the beam, he takes 20% less damage.

After Phase 2, you will automatically advance to Phase 3.

Phase 3

Attack Rotation: Uppercut -> 3 Attacks -> Hold still, invader -> 3 Attacks -> Virus -> 3 Attacks

Before the attack rotation, Telos will do around 7 autoattacks plus how many autoattacks left to the next special attack. He will attack exclusively with Magic this time around, although he will still MD you (with scythe range).

Balance bar: Instead of the blue bar, there’s instead a red bar that has a green line through it, that can go either left or right, with red areas at both ends. The green line is influenced by either you or Telos standing in the beam, or minions that spawn randomly throughout the arena. If the green line is in the left side, Telos will force the bar to go right while draining your adrenaline by 10% and your prayer points by 10% (both increasing with enrage!). If the green line is in the right side, Telos will emit extremely powerful shockwaves (hitting for 2.5k+, scaling with enrage) that occur after a special attack and KO you from full health if caught off guard.

What moves the bar left: Telos attacking (with autoattacks, uppercut, and shockwaves)

What moves the bar right: Telos standing inside the beam, Telos siphoning adrenaline/prayer, alive minions

Red beam: Similar to the green and black beam, although it increases damage dealt and taken by 30%. If it’s hitting Telos, it increases his damage by 50%!

Finish off Phase 3 to move onto Phase 4.

Phase 4

Attack Rotation: 3 Attacks -> Anima Bomb -> 3 Attacks -> Hold still, invader -> 3 Attacks -> Uppercut

Telos will always start P4 with 3 autoattacks.

Anima Bomb: Telos will launch a huge green bomb of anima at you, hitting for 2500+ damage. It will also leave behind a bleed that hits every 1.8 seconds, which hit 10% of the original hit every time. Each bleed damage will also rapidly drain your overload by 15 seconds per hit! You can clear the bleed by standing in one of three fonts that are around the arena.

Telos’s blue bar fills up to use SO MUCH POWER, so be wary.

Fonts: When Telos reaches 75%, 50%, and 25% of remaining health, he will run near a font, start charging up an instant kill attack, and summon three golems, all with 8000+ LP (scales with enrage).

Each golem has its own unique feature: pure golems hit harder, volcanic golems can stun you for 3 seconds randomly, and corrupted golems can inflict a 5% armor debuff that lasts for 6 seconds and can be stacked rapidly. They all attack with Melee.

To counter the instant kill, you need to run to that same font and stand on top of it. The font will drain your LP, hitting for 1000+ per hit, but you can heal with Resonance/reduce damage with defensives. After the font finishes draining part of your LP, a shield area will be emitted around the font. Telos will then fire his instant kill a few seconds after the shield is up. If you are not inside the shield or you didn’t charge up the font, you will be instantly killed or signed, no questions asked. When Telos is charging up his instant kill, his blue bar will be filled up, so be wary.

If you’re sub-100% enrage, congratulations on loot! If not, however…

Phase 5

Attack Rotation: Golems -> 10 Attacks -> Virus -> 15 Attacks -> Anima Nuke -> 2 Attacks

Unlocked after 100% enrage, Telos will rise up and grow much more powerful. He will switch to Magic attacks only, and spawn six golems. They will only appear as one type, so they’re all corrupted for example.

The virus works the same as it does in the other phases, but if you’re standing in the wrong beam to clear it, the virus will hit twice as fast, so if you’re trying to take advantage of a beam’s buffs while having a virus on… don’t. It’s not worth it unless you have Barricade up.

Anima Nuke: Telos will charge up an instant kill attack that takes around 12 seconds for him to charge up. During this time, he takes 75% less damage. You can only prevent this by using Immortality or by charging up the specific fonts used in P4 to use against Telos when he’s charging up his nuke.

This is where the golems come into play. You need to kill at least 4 golems nearby their respective font to charge up the font. Each golem will charge up the font by 25%, and they must be within 5 squares of the font. Once the font is completely charged up, wait until Telos does his instant kill, then click on the font to activate it. When activated, Telos will be stunned momentarily, again taking full damage, then proceeding with the attack rotation.

Alternatively, you can just use Immortality to block the instant kill, but without Achto resets you can only use Immortality for every other instant kill, so you’ll have to remember to kill golems after every use of Immortality.

DPS/Special Attack Theory

Phase 1

How you approach this phase depends if you stall adrenaline or not. If you don’t stall any adrenaline, it is heavily advised to start with bleeds and start building to 70%+ adrenaline. If you do stall full adrenaline before going in, Sunshine and use your adrenaline potion right away. Regardless how you proceed, keep on DPSing and break free from tendrils.

When the green beam comes, you have two options, depending if you stalled adrenaline if not. If you stalled adrenaline, simply go inside and spam the rest of your thresholds while using ultimates like Omnipower and special attacks like staff of Sliske or Guthix staff. If you didn’t, use Natural Instinct, Anticipation (for the upcoming Hold Still)

However, do not have the need to Sunshine if you didn’t get it off ASAP before the first tendril. Instead, no matter your approach, you should go into the green beam and start spamming the rest of your thresholds, use damage-dealing ultimates like Omnipower and Tsunami, and spam Guthix staff special attacks. After some wearing down, Telos should get into Phase 2.

Tendrils: Starting all the way up until around 350%-400% enrage, you can simply use Wild Magic and Asphyxiate and it’ll easily break the grip. Past that is when things get tricky though. What you’ll want to do is charge up Detonate around 1-2 attacks before tendrils, then when Telos starts the animation release Detonate and immediately use Wild Magic right after. Starting at 800% enrage, you’ll want to follow up Wild Magic with either Asphyxiate or Reflect, depending on your initial damage. Reflect is generally the safer and better option the further you go along, but Asphyxiate instead works initially. After 1000%+ however, it’s basically mandatory that you use Reflect after Wild Magic.

If you time it right, you should have at least 70% adrenaline when charging up Detonate to follow up with Wild Magic and Reflect without Telos completely sapping away your adrenaline.

Uppercut: To avoid this attack, simply use Surge 3 seconds after the message pops up. For the more visual, this means Surge a tick after his overhead chat disappears. This takes time to master, but keep practicing and you’ll get the timing down. Alternatively, you can choose to tank the uppercut to use Reprisal to send back that damage, but be prepared to take some heavy damage at higher enrages. If taking Ancients, you can use Reprisal + Shield Dome if feeling dangerous, but your Reprisal damage won’t be as good as a result.

Hold still, invader: One common mistake most newcomers have is trying to Resonance too early and it ends up activating on the autoattack after the Hold Still message. You have to get used to the timing so you use Anticipation/Freedom early beforehand, wait for the autoattack after the message to pass, then Resonance the big Melee hit when he slams the ground.

Phase 2

From this point on until P5, Telos’s first special attack will depends on what special attack he last used on the previous phase. Here is a table of what special attack in the last phase corresponds with this phase.


As for DPS rotation, no matter what just focus on setting up your Sunshine and DPS. The most ideal time to set up your Sunshine is after Onslaught or Hold Still (on high enrage if you’re pushing or not confident). Otherwise, deal with all mechanics like you did the previous phase, with the addition of Onslaught and virus.

Onslaught: When standing in the beam, try limiting your threshold use to save it after Onslaught finishes. Before Onslaught and throughout the phase though, you should always be making the effort to move Telos out of the beam so you can not only prevent a lot of unnecessary loss of damage, but to keep his time spent Onslaughting low so you can get back to doing DPS. Should he have a high amount of charge for some reason, you’ll have to use a bit of defensives. It’s recommended to switch to a defender and use Resonance, Preparation, Devotion, Reflect, or Revenge (or a combination). A shield works just as well, but the loss of DPS without Revenge hurts, and with power armor defender is superior to shield. Barricade only as a last resort.

Virus: Simply step into the beam to clear it then get out of it.

Phase 3

This is one of the most critical phases where it’s do-or-die. One mistake can wipe you out easily if not careful.

Right away, he’ll do seven autoattacks before his first special attack. This is his list of special attacks of what will start first.


All of these special attacks are what you’ve seen before in other phases. The biggest threat on this phase are the red beams and Telos’s charge mechanic. With good DPS you won’t need to worry too much about minions charging Telos, but it’s better to take it slowly. If you’re learning, avoid the red beam like the plague and keep Telos away from it as well. Only go into the beam to clear the virus, then just kill minions and whittle down Telos’s LP slowly but surely.

Before that though, you need to do some good DPS on him. Start off with Wild Magic and Asphyxiate and make your way to the red beam. Once inside, Onslaught and should be taken down to 180k-200k, depending if you have power armor or Achto. If you’re lucky, you can even kill him with that Onslaught!

If you aren’t lucky though, start killing minions, avoiding the beams unless you need to clear virus, and hit Telos until he phases.

Phase 4

P4 is one of the slowest phases at Telos since he can really damage you hard here. That said, DPS theory here is very simple. Ultimates like Sunshine are completely useless here due to the nature of the phase, so just use thresholds to phase Telos from font to font.

Deal with uppercut and Hold Still like normal. As for Anima bomb though, you’ll want to use Debilitate for it to reduce damage. On low enrages you can just tank it no problem, but once you get to higher ranges (like 600%+) you’ll want to stack Debilitate with Reflect so you can survive the hit.

Once you get to fonts, Reflect/Revenge or Barricade them to reduce damage. Once golems spawn, kill them all with AoEs and then get back on Telos. Keep evading special attacks like normal.

Before the second font, this bit is very important: it is highly advised to phase him into the next font right after he does a special attack. That way, once the second font finishes, he does three autoattacks before he does SMP. If you phase him right before he would have done a special attack, he will instantly use SMP after the font finishes, and as your defensives get reset when it finishes you’ll either sign or die. Therefore, be on the lookout and make sure you have a defensive available for SMP.

Phase him to the third font, reduce that damage with Reflect or Barricade, then finish off P4.

Phase 5

There are multiple ways to do it, varying based on enrage.

100%-349%: Run to the green beam ASAP and Sunshine immediately. Throw your thresholds at Telos and tank the rock with no defensives. If you have Reprisal, use that for when the rock hits. Once the rock hits, target golems and wipe them out with Tsunami. Starting at 300%, you’ll have to use Detonate + Tsunami to KO them instantly. After golems die, throw more thresholds at Telos and try to get Omnipower off, as well as Guthix staff specs. Once virus hits, immediately clear it, then head towards the green beam. By now, beams would have changed. Wait for the next rock to come, then dodge and Onslaught. This should carry you until Telos dies. If a rock falls mid-Onslaught, cancel it and spam thresholds until he dies.

350%-999%: Instead of Sunshine immediately, you can choose to use Natural Instinct, Revenge, and then Sunshine in that order. After Sunshine, Wild Magic Telos and the rock will soon be falling. You can either use Reflect for more damage (but more risky) or Barricade (less damage but less risky). After that, target golems and then Detonate + Tsunami them like normal. Once virus comes, use Reflect or Barricade (whichever one you didn’t use), clear it, then go to green beam and Onslaught like normal.

If you have to tank an instant kill, use Immortality. If all goes well, you should have gotten Telos down to 70k LP at worst-case. This is enough to risk it with a Sunshine rotation, tanking golems and Telos until you kill him.

Enrage Specials

50% enrage: Telos gains stat regeneration, but this does not make him immune to curse leeches as it recovers slowly compared to other bosses. He can also inflict a virus on you that can only be cleared by going into the buff beams associated with the virus’s color. The virus is pretty much a bleed that can hit 200+ and lasts for 30 seconds. If it’s not cleared on time, you will be hit for 10x of the smaller bleed damage. Below 50% enrage, the virus special is just replaced with another autoattack.

100% enrage: Telos gets Phase 5 and the boss timer starts tracking. His stat regeneration gets quicker as well.

150% enrage: Telos can use Freedom, with a cooldown of 30 seconds. His stat regeneration gets quicker as well.

200% enrage: Telos’s stat regeneration gets even quicker, and P1-P4 LP caps to 200,000.

250% enrage: Telos’s Freedom on P5 gives him stun immunity for 6 seconds after using it, much like the player’s version. His Freedom cooldown also lowers from 30 seconds to 20 seconds, and his stat regeneration gets the quickest here.

1000% enrage: Telos can make rocks fall in P4 as well, and up to five will drop in P5. Immortality also cannot be used to the instant kill attack; you will need to charge the font to deal with it. His Freedom cooldown also finalizes to 10 seconds, so you literally only have a 4 second window to stun Telos on P5.

Video Guides/Examples