Probably the most profitable boss in the game, Araxxor brings in a whole host of mechanics to deal with. Do you have the nerve to come fight the spider and reap the rewards?

General Information

Araxxor is mainly a solo boss, but you can duo with a friend. However, he grows in power in a duo, with stronger special attacks and autoattacks. He has four phases, each with 100k LP. The special thing about Araxxor is that although in the end you still need to do 400k worth of damage, you can shift that balance from the beginning two phases to Phase 3. More information about this later.

When initiating a fight with Araxxor, he will spawn in one of three styles: Melee, Ranged, and Magic. Each has an equal chance of appearing unless you bring an Araxyte pheromone or buy an instance, where Araxxor will spawn to the weakness of your weapon 100% of the time. You can tell what type Araxxor is in by looking at his legs. Each style has something unique to bring for the table: Melee Araxxor (red legs) can inflict a typeless bleed on you randomly that grows stronger. Freedom can clear the bleed. Ranged Araxxor (green legs) can poison you, which normally hits for 300 at minimum, but can increase in damage depending on certain factors. Antipoison prevents this, but every time it’s cured 1 minute of antipoison is removed. Magic Araxxor (blue legs) lowers stats and drains overload timer.

His max hit and accuracy is highly variable too. His max hit is normally 2000, but this can be increased as the fight progresses. This is due to one of Araxxor’s mechanics called “enrage”. Enrage is basically a damage/accuracy multiplier to Araxxor’s attacks. For each % of enrage, Araxxor will hit 1% harder and 2% more accurately. For example, at 100% enrage, Araxxor will hit 100% harder with 200% more accuracy. In duo, if both partners are near each other, they both get attacked. If they’re far enough though, the target takes doubled damage.

In addition, he has anti-Soul Split mechanics. If he attacks you while you have Soul Split up, he will heal accordingly to the amount of damage he deals, around 25% to 40% depending on the enrage.

Araxxor has rotations to him just like Vorago and RotS. In the arena, there are two out of three paths to take, with one of them blocked at a time for four days. Whatever path you take will alter the fight in some way, with each bringing its own set of mechanics to deal with.


Use whatever’s best you got. Nothing more to be said.

Phase 1

At this phase, you have one of two webs to burn down. When Araxxor spawns, immediately burn whichever web you want and attack Araxxor.

He has three special attacks in this phase and he can use whichever one he wants first, but he cannot use the same special attack back-to-back. As a general rule of thumb, each special attack is spaced between by 5 autoattacks, but there are some exceptions to the rule.

Cleave: Araxxor will drag you into Melee distance, then sweep in front of him. This hits for 3500-4000 at 0% enrage, so with high enough enrage it can potentially be a one-hit KO. Anti-stun abilities like Anticipation, Freedom, and Transfigure (lol) negate the drag. In a duo, if the partner gets dragged, he or she will be at a weird angle, so running away could potentially get themselves killed. As such, it’s a good idea to time your Anticipation/Freedom rotation or use Escape/Surge to get out.

Cocoon: Araxxor will encoat you under a cocoon, hitting for 200 per tick (up to a max of 800, at 300% enrage). To escape, you have to rapidly click elsewhere on the screen. Normally it hits you 5 times before you get out, but if you had used Anticipation or Freedom earlier, it will only hit you a minimum of 2 times. In duo, the amount of times it damages you is variable. Sometimes as low as two, but mostly around three to four times, even if both players used Anticipation/Freedom. After this attack, it will take Araxxor four attacks until the next special, not five. This attack is affected by distance, so the farther away you are the longer it will take for it to reach you, which could mean the difference between making a last-minute Anticipation/Freedom. This attack resets all Defence abilities.

Web shield: Araxxor will drop a web over him, halving damage and reflecting that damage back at you. He will also heal up 1000 (2000 in duo) every few seconds, up to five times. Araxxor won’t heal if you attack him, but in return he’ll do reflect damage back at the attacker. Reflect damage scales with enrage – as low as 50% reflect on 0% or a reflect higher than the base hit at higher enrage! Resonance and Reflect does work on reflect damage however, so using Snipe -> Resonance or Fragmentation Shot -> Reflect is a smart choice.

The web will finish burning after roughly a minute. Afterwards, you can choose to whittle Araxxor’s health down below 10k or just proceed, leaving his health at what it was.

Phase 2

At this point, there are three different paths to take. Path 1 has you to deal with 20 spider minions Araxxor summons, Path 2 has you deal with an acid pool for Araxxor to drain, and Path 3 has you deal with you dodging darkness and letting Araxxor batter down a wall against his own will. He gains quite a bit of special attacks, but he loses the cocoon special.

Phase 2 Path 1

Attack Rotation: Egg bombs -> 5 Attacks -> Random special -> 5 Attacks

Egg bombs: Araxxor will launch a bomb at you, detonating for 3000 damage normally. However, at the same time two-three white spider eggs will spawn somewhere in the arena. If you lure the bomb on top of the eggs, you take reduced damage. The bomb has a 5×5 radius (3×3 in duo), and blowing up one reduces damage to 2100, two to 1200, and three to 300. In exchange, however, Araxxor will gain a bit of enrage. This resets all Defence abilities as well.

Spider minions: Araxxor will summon a batch of 5 (10 in duo) spiders to attack you, each with 3000 LP, up to a max of 20 (40 in duo). They all have a max hit of 800 with high accuracy, so leaving them alone and just killing the boss will hurt.

There are five different batches of minions: bladed, spitting, imbued, pulsing, and mirrorback. Bladed use Melee, spitting use Ranged, and imbued use Magic.

Pulsing and mirrorback spiders are what you really want to look out for, however. Pulsing attack with Magic, but their primary goal isn’t to attack you – it’s to heal Araxxor 5000 LP per 1.8 seconds. If you attack them, their healing on Araxxor get stalled a bit as they retaliate against you. Mirrorbacks, on the other hand, are pretty much a permanent web shield reflect on Araxxor, except Araxxor takes NO damage and instead redirects that full damage to you, and it scales to enrage as well. Once again Resonance and Reflect work on that damage though, so if you’re feeling brave you can Snipe -> Resonance for high heals. If you attack mirrorbacks, they reflect that damage back to Araxxor, who will take half damage of what you deal to the mirrorback.

Unlike every other phase or path in Araxxor, this has a semi-definite attack rotation. Every other special attack will be egg bombs. Remember that he loses the cocoon special, but retains the cleave and web shield and gains minion spawns, so be mindful of that.

Phase 2 Path 2

Acidic spider: Araxxor will shoot out a projectile that will impact the ground, exploding and turning the tile a light green. After a bit, an acidic spider will materialize and walk towards you. If it reaches you, it will instantly kill you, although there is an extremely rare chance that it will just do 3000-8000 damage instead (trigger unknown). Barricade and Immortality can be used against this. After this attack, Araxxor will use seven attacks until the next special. In duo, he spawns two of them, one for each teammate.

Again, he loses the cocoon, but retains the cleave and web shield.

At the middle of the path, there is a giant acid pool. The objective of this path is to lure Araxxor to the pool, where he will start siphoning acid per tick. There is 100 units of acid (200 in duo), and at the end of the path there is a ramp where you need to have Araxxor leak 50 units of acid (100 in duo) to proceed. For every two units of acid Araxxor siphons, he will gain 1% enrage, and vice versa.

Once you have enough acid, lure Araxxor up to the top and wait for the acid to finish leaking. When 50 units of acid is leaked, jump down the broken ramp to enter the next phase.

Phase 2 Path 3

Here, Araxxor will completely disappear from sight and retreat to the top of the arena. No matter what type he spawned in, Araxxor will now use both Ranged and Magic attacks, both with their special properties of poison and stat debuff respectively.

In this path, it’s a complete waiting game. You cannot attack Araxxor directly at all, and your only objective here is to minimize as much damage possible by standing out of the darkness. You get damaged for a small bit, then rapidly increases in damage until a certain cap, based on the base enrage, not total enrage. To not get damaged, you have to run to a small square of light, where you won’t get damaged at all. It shifts constantly though (twice as fast in duo), so you’ll have to keep moving.

Araxxor can use egg bombs in this path, but the speed of the bomb is lower than in other paths. The eggs also spawn in the darkness most of the time, so start running to the eggs right when your abilities come off cooldown or earlier to prevent darkness damage.

After some time, Araxxor will prepare to charge (indicated by a message on screen) at you. When that happens, a QTE (quick-time event) will occur, with Araxxor in one of four positions.

To proceed correctly, you have to click on the arrow keys in the direction Araxxor’s legs are in. If he’s facing left, click on the left arrow key. Right, the right arrow key. If his legs are pointing down in a parallel form, click on the down arrow key. If his legs are spread out in a circle-like form, click on the up arrow key. Doing it correctly will result in you taking no damage and have Araxxor damage the wall blocking the other end of the path by 50%. Clicking on the wrong key will hit you for a 2500, and damage the wall by 25%. If you don’t click on anything, Araxxor will hit you for a 5000 and not damage the wall at all.


Repeat it as much as you need and you’ll proceed to the next phase.

Phase 3

This phase brings in the mechanics of the open path you didn’t take and mixes it in with Phase 1 specials. Special attacks will still be random and won’t be used back-to-back, and the cocoon special returns. Araxxor will also attack much quicker than in Phase 1 and 2, so be careful.

Araxxor will also heal up back to full health every time you damage him with reserve health from previous phases. Depending on how much LP he has left in the previous phases, he will shift that LP from that phase to Phase 3. Coupled with a quicker attack speed, having to deal with Phase 3 longer than other phases will quickly drain your supplies quicker. Taking Path 3, however, will drain all 100k LP like normal.

If Path 1 is open, Araxxor will spawn minions like normal.

If Path 2 is open, Araxxor can spawn highly acidic spiders and acidic spiders that explode. Highly acidic spiders are basically the leftover acid from the acid pool in Path 2, and up to four will spawn. Each highly acidic spider represents 25 units of acid, but if there was less than 100 units of acid in the pool, the second spider will have the remainder of acid. You can click on them and run under Araxxor and have him absorb the acid. It will heal him for 5k per spider and increase his enrage, but it makes the next phase easier.

If Path 3 is open, Araxxor will turn the arena dark with a square of light somewhere in the arena. It lasts up until the point where the darkness damage caps, so be careful. After this attack, Araxxor will use seven attacks until the next.

Kill Araxxor and proceed to Phase 4.

Phase 4

Araxxor will head to the final platform, critically injured. At the center of the platform, Araxxi will drop down and consume Araxxor, killing him.

Araxxi is quite different from Araxxor. For one, she can use all styles of combat no matter what style you spawned Araxxor in. She also doesn’t have the anti-Soul Split mechanic like Araxxor, but rather has anti-protection prayers. If you’re standing out of Melee distance, Araxxi will default to Magic attacks. However, if you pray Magic, Araxxi will switch to Ranged attacks. This means you have to continuously switch protection prayers accordingly to her attacks to minimize as much damage as possible. If you’re standing in Melee distance however, Araxxi will randomly choose between Magic and Melee attacks, irregardless of protection prayer up.

In this phase, whatever mechanics weren’t dealt with will finish spawning here.

If Path 1 is open, Araxxi will spawn the rest of the minions.

If Path 2 is open, Araxxi will absorb all of the leftover acid, 50 units (100 in duo) at a time. She will do this every other special until all acid is absorbed. Every time she does this, her enrage increases and attack speed is increased, making her incredibly dangerous.

If Path 3 is open, Araxxi will spawn darkness and light like in Phase 3.

When Araxxi hits 50k LP, Araxxi will gain about 20% enrage, but stop using special attacks. She will also gain a softcap in damage above 5k, much like QBD and Nex, where all damage above 5k is reduced by 75%.

When Araxxi hits 25k LP (35k in duo), Araxxi will unleash a sludge of putrid acid (two in duo) and drain your adrenaline by 50% (100% in duo). The putrid acid will bounce around randomly until it starts homing in on you. If you get it hit you for a tick and step away, it will start bouncing again until it hits you again.

Kill Araxxi and finish the fight!

DPS Strategies

Phase 1

Burn the chosen web immediately and start attacking Araxxor. Build up to your ultimate (Berserk, Death’s Swiftness, or Sunshine) as quickly as possible and kill Araxxor as soon as possible. In duo, don’t bother using your ultimate and just use your thresholds. In addition, use Storm Shards as much as possible throughout the kill. Take down Araxxor down below 10k and proceed to the next phase. Use Anticipation/Freedom wisely, else you may get cocooned or cleaved to death.

Since Araxxor cannot use a special back-to-back, it’s most ideal to use your ultimate right after a web-shield and attack Araxxor as much as possible after. In addition, if you’re good at clicking away, you don’t need to use Anticipation/Freedom right after a cocoon, allowing you to escape from your cocoons more easily instead of using it every time to more easily escape cleaves. Melee/Magic get the most out of this, as clicking to escape cleaves is more practical.

When Araxxor web-shields, you can choose to use a highly-damaging move like Snipe or Quake and use Resonance to stop some of Araxxor’s healing and get some free heals yourself. In addition if Ranged, bringing weak ammo and using something like Fragmentation Shot results in low reflect damage while preventing Araxxor from healing.

Phase 2 Path 1

You’ll want to DPS Araxxor down as soon as possible. Use your ultimate as soon as possible and kill off all the eggs as normal. Depending on your skill level you can choose to either kill all the minions that spawn or just kill the special minion that spawns and ignore everything else. Minions spawn in a predetermined pattern, and by that I mean if it’s a normal minion or a special minion. It goes as:

O = normal

X = special





In duo, the spawn order is different. It goes as:





The spiders that are in the parentheses all spawn at once. In addition, on duo, you want to just completely ignore all of the additional spiders and tank them. Start off the phase by using your ultimate and tanking the egg bomb. After the egg bomb hits, run and Surge to Phase 3, no matter what LP Araxxor is at.

Phase 2 Path 2

Since this is a timed phase, DPS isn’t as important. That said, if using Ranged/Magic, it’s still helpful to use your ultimate to ensure you can get Araxxor down to <10k before the ramp deteriorates. Get Araxxor to the middle of the pool and have him start siphoning up acid. When you get enough acid, lure him to the top of the ramp. The ideal spot to stand is one square away from the very top. This is because should Araxxor cleave, you won’t get hit by it at all when running up. Surge is another alternative, but it can still slightly mess up his positioning on the ramp.

If Araxxor spawns an acidic spider at your area, Surge or run away from it. Don’t worry about wasting acid, focus on staying alive. Barricade/Immortality is not a good option as it leaves you with less adrenaline to work with in Phase 3, but as a last option it’s ok.

Phase 2 Path 3

Use Surge as much as possible to move between light patches. If using Melee/Ranged, Disruption Shield is an ok option to use to negate the damage from Araxxor.

On 100%+ enrage, it’s best to just tank the egg bombs instead of staying behind. The darkness hits more than the bomb, so ignore the eggs and focus on the light.

It’s not recommended to start Phase 3 with 0% adrenaline, so don’t use Regenerate/Barricade/etc to negate the first wave of darkness damage. Instead, stall adrenaline throughout the entire phase. Alternatively, you can do that and just build adrenaline on minions that spawn from eggs, but I personally don’t like doing that as it does hurt in its own way.

Phase 3

Just a DPS-fest here. Kill all special minions if applicable, and you can choose to get rid of the acid from the pool or just leave them be. Do note that skipping acidic spiders will cause Araxxi to be more damaging and quick, so if you’re not confident enough in your abilities don’t skip the spiders.

Use your ultimate as soon as possible and kill Araxxor, but try to enter Phase 4 with 100% adrenaline. On duo, you don’t need to use your ultimate. Just kill Araxxor as quickly as possible.

Phase 4

For your first three kills, the cutscene that introduces Araxxi is unskippable. After those kills, however, the cutscene will self-terminate, allowing you to stall adrenaline.

If you have Disruption Shield, use it before Araxxi is attackable. Once she’s attackable, use your ultimate and get her below 50k LP as quickly as possible before she spawns minions or absorbs acid. Use Soul Split until your Disruption Shield triggers, then simply start prayer switching as normal.

Prayer switching generally has a pattern to it. If you’re using Ranged or Magic, stand at the west-side of the arena, next to the marks on the ground.


Araxxi will always open up with Magic attacks if no protection prayer is selected. Pray Magic after you see the attack. Once the last Magic attack registers and you see the Ranged hits come, pray Ranged. If timed right, Araxxi will shoot out two Ranged attacks and then a Magic attack right after. The second Ranged and first Magic attacks will hit you a tick apart, so you have to be quick in prayer swapping. Get into the rhythm and you should be fine – it goes a 2 Magic attacks –  2 Ranged attacks – 2 Magic attacks – 2 Ranged attacks ad infinitum.

However, there is an alternative prayer swapping combo: Soul Split and Deflect Magic. Here, you’re maining Soul Split for the entire kill, only swapping to Magic right when the hit registers. If timed correctly, Araxxi will only fire off Magic attacks, never using a single Ranged attack. The benefits of this is obvious; Soul Split lets you heal back some LP, while Araxxi using only a resistant/neutral attack instead of that plus a neutral/weak attack (for Ranged/Magic respectively) lowers damage taken. I don’t recommend this unless you’re extremely comfortable with the boss and/or your prayer flicking, however.

If you’re using a scythe and standing out of Melee distance, you just pray the opposite style every other attack, like 1 Magic – 1 Ranged – 1 Magic – 1 Ranged.

If you’re prayer swapping in Melee distance with drygores, however, this is where it gets tricky. Treat this similar enough to Meleeing TzTok-Jad, where you pray Melee and quickly swap to a different prayer to block damage. Here, you’ll want to pray Melee, swap to Magic right when you see the Magic animation, then quickly swap back to Melee. Since the Melee hit is a tick quicker than the Magic attack, it’s easier to pray Melee and swap to Magic than it is to pray Magic then swap to Melee.

Whatever your prayer swapping method is, just keep attacking Araxxi until she’s dead. At around 30k-35k LP, you can Devotion + adrenaline potion + Onslaught to easily finish the phase while you focus on prayer swapping.

Video Examples