K’ril Tsutsaroth

The Zamorakian general, K’ril Tsutsaroth. Considered the toughest general, tied with Commander Zilyana, he can potentially kill those unprepared and not careful, even high-leveled players! (Very rarely though, but you get the idea)

His faction can be found at the north end of the dungeon.

General Information

LP: 45,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Magic
Max hit: 2000 (Melee), 1500 (Magic), 4500 (special)
Weakness: Fire spells

Since he has a weakness to fire spells, Magic is the best method for mid-levels. Melee is a viable option with drygores or scythe, but Ranged is once again a bad choice.

As customary for a GWD boss, he comes with three minions of his own: Tstanon Karlak (Melee), Zakl’n Gritch (Ranged), Balfrug Kreeyath (Magic), with 7500 LP each and a max hit of 500.

The Fight

Like Graardor, hit until it dies, while using Protect from Melee or Soul Split. Use the kiting method mentioned in Graardor’s section if having trouble.

Occasionally within the fight, K’ril will yell “YAAAAAAR!” and do an unblockable hit ranging from 3000 to 5000, and your Prayer points will be drained. You can’t 100% avoid it without kiting, but you can reduce the damage of it by using Debilitate to halve damage. (Debilitate works for this specific typeless hit because it’s ‘technically’ a Melee attack).

Hard Mode

LP: 100,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Magic
Max hit: 2000 (Melee and Magic)
Weakness: Fire spells

Hard Mode K’ril is infinitely more dangerous than regular K’ril. Although he loses his Prayer smash as an attack, he gains three new ones in exchange.

Run, coward: K’ril will charge in the direction he’s facing until he hits a wall. Once he collides to it, he will take minor damage as a result of the impact. However, if you’re caught, you will be hit for ~1000.

Die in the name of Zamorak: K’ril will become incredibly enraged and start swiping at you with extremely rapid Melee and Magic attacks (1 per 0.6 seconds!!) for around 10 seconds. Although they’re fairly inaccurate, they’re also extremely powerful, normally hitting near 2000 every time they connect. He will also gain the ability to run, so side-stepping away from it will not save you.

You cannot stand against Zamorakian might: K’ril will summon spikes to erupt where you’re standing and damage you for around 900 per tick. Simply move away and continue attacking. However, if you can get K’ril to stand on the spikes, he will start taking 400 damage per tick, which can add up a bit.