The graceful general of Armadyl, this aviansie is the bulkiest of all the generals in terms of stats. Although he doesn’t hit hard, he can also attack rapidly, so he can hurt a bit.

Kree can be found at the south part of the dungeon.

General Information

Kree has 75,000 LP and can attack with all combat styles. His Melee attack can hit for 2000, and Ranged/Magic 1000. Like the other aviansies, he is completely immune to Melee, so Ranged/Magic are the only options to go. However, they’re both very viable to use – Ranged can block his Ranged/Magic attacks the best, and Magic has the DPS edge.

His bodyguards, however, are more powerful than the other three’s bodyguards. Flight Kilisa (Melee), Flockleader Geerin (Ranged), and Wingman Skree (Magic) each have 10,000 LP and can hit around 700.

The Fight

Hit until it dies and use Protect from Ranged or Soul Split.

However, Kree has an annoying tendency to randomly move you around when attacking, canceling combo attacks like Snipe and Asphyxiate. You can prevent that by standing in any one of the corners and attacking from there. In addition, Kree will randomly move towards you to close the gap between you and him, which may cause him to use Melee attacks. When this happens, just move to the other corner (or if you’re high-leveled, just keep attacking).

Hard Mode

Just like K’ril and Zilyana, Kree gets buffed up in Hard Mode, with 100,000 LP and a max hit of 2000 with all styles. Unlike the rest (save for Zilyana), he only gains two special attacks, but they’re all he needs, considering they’re fairly powerful and can kill anyone who is not prepared for them.

Tornadoes: When Kree spawns, tornadoes will appear throughout the room, and they can randomly move about. Stepping on one will hit you for 2000 damage per tick, so always keep an eye out for them! To avoid them without getting pushed by Kree’s attacks, stand in the door area, not in the corners, as they have the least chance of wandering to the doors compared with the corners.

Storms, align to me: Kree will suck up all the tornadoes and then shoot them back in random directions. If you’re standing in the door, it’s unlikely you will be attacked by it.