General Graardor

The general of the Bandos faction, General Graardor is generally considered the easiest boss to kill in GWD. With decent loots, he’s a good source for mid-levels to make some money.

The Bandos faction is located at the west part of the dungeon.

General Information

LP: 40,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Ranged
Max hit: 3000 (Melee), 1500 (Ranged)
Weakness: None (extreme resistance to Ranged)

His Ranged attack strikes everyone within the room, so long as they’re in attack range of him.

In addition, he is protected by three bodyguards – Sergeant Strongstack (Melee), Sergeant Grimspike (Ranged), and Sergeant Steelwill (Magic). They each have 5475 LP and max hits of 500. They aren’t too much of a threat either way, however. If they die before Graardor does, they will respawn infinitely. They only stop respawning when Graardor dies, so it’s best to just focus on Graardor himself when fighting.

The Fight

Hit him until it dies. Use Protect from Melee or Soul Split and just hack away. If you feel like you’re taking too much damage, you can use the “kiting” method. The method is basically you just spam-clicking away from the boss while manually firing off abilities. Doing this allows you to indefinitely run away from the boss while attacking, easily allowing for minimal food needed for mid-levels.

Hard Mode

LP: 100,000
Attack Styles: Melee, Ranged
Max hit: 3000 (Melee), 1500 (Ranged)
Weakness: Ranged (not joking)

Hard Mode Graardor undergoes a multitude of changes compared to normal mode. For one, his stats are massively increased, although his max hits are mostly the same. However, he gains three special attacks he can randomly use throughout the fight.

Graardor Smash: Graardor will punch the area in front of him for a bit, hitting for rapid autoattack damage. Afterwards, rocks will start to fall from the ceiling, indicated by shadows. If you are caught within a 3×3 radius, you will be hit for a 500-800 typeless hit. To avoid it, look for spots that aren’t close to shadows at all and use Surge to get away easily.

Graardor Protect: Graardor will cover his face for a few seconds, severely reducing damage and reflecting it back to you. This takes some time before it completely applies, so you have enough time to react.

Graardor Mad: Graardor will become enraged and start wildly punching the area in front of him. During that period, his accuracy is lowered, but his attacks gain a big boost in power. Avoid it by side-stepping and attacking his back or sides, or positioning yourself away enough if using Magic.