Commander Zilyana

Considered the hardest among with K’ril, Commander Zilyana can rapidly drain your health away if you left the battle drag on too long.

She can be found east of the dungeon.

General Information

Commander Zilyana has 60,000 LP with a max hit of 1000 with both Melee and Magic. Although that may seem a bit weak, her attacks also go at a quicker pace, so don’t be surprised to see hitsplats appear one after another. She’s weak to nothing, but Melee and Magic are best for it. Although Melee is weak to her Magic attacks, the heavily increased DPS over Ranged/Magic still makes it a viable choice.

Like the other generals, she has three bodyguards – Starlight (Melee), Bree (Ranged), and Growler (Magic), with 7500 LP and a max hit of 500.

The Fight

Hit until it dies and use Protect from Magic or Soul Split.

Be careful that you do NOT use Blood spells. If you do, Zilyana will start to become enraged and boost her stats, so it becomes much more painful. Otherwise, standard stuff.

Hard Mode

Unlike Graardor/K’ril Hard Mode, Zilyana Hard Mode isn’t all that much different than normal mode. However, she has two phases, each with 50,000 LP. The first phase is pretty much a normal mode kill, but the second phase brings in one special attack: lightning.

When attacking, there is a chance that Zilyana will summon lightning to strike the area you’re standing on. The lightning covers a 3×3 radius and can hit upwards to 2000 typeless damage. There’s no limit in how much lightning can be in the area, and it’s permanent until she dies.

Once you knock her down, she’s not quite done yet. A bar will appear over her head, rapidly filling up, similar to an adrenaline bar. To kill her, you need to hit her with an damaging ultimate ability like Omnipower, Pulverize, and Tsunami. Residue damage from Death’s Swiftness and Sunshine also work to kill her.