Starting PvM

LAST UPDATED: May 1, 2017

Learning how to PvM can potentially be hard. However, there’s some easy ways to start learning how to do all sorts of PvM, and you don’t need to start with mills and mills of cash to get started (even if it seems so).

The PvM Starter Kit

First off, here’s what you’ll need to start PvMing for real:

  • Maxed combat stats

This is fairly easy to build up. Just take a weapon and whack something with it. Slayer is a good way to train as you’re gaining multiple types of XP at once, and can be very profitable at higher levels (85+).

  • 95 Prayer (for Turmoil)

While this may be somewhat expensive, dragon bones have crashed high to the point where they’re at 7.5 gp/XP, so this is probably the biggest hurdle to getting the necessities of PvM.

  • T90 weapons & Nex/T90 armor (preferably augmented with suitable perks)

Make money through whatever you got, like Slayer, GWD1/GWD2 bosses, and dailies, then start buying your gear.

  • 96/98 Herblore (for [supreme] overloads)

Again like Prayer, can be expensive. However, Warbands can completely get around the high cost, and even then making untradable potions like extremes and etc can pay themselves off after using them for low-end PvM like GWD. In addition, with the right conditions (using portables, scroll of cleansing from Dungeoneering, and optionally a modified botanist’s mask), can either break-even or even profit slightly.

  • 87/96/99 Summoning (for nihils/yak/steel titan)

While this isn’t as critical as Turmoil and overloads, this is also pretty important since they increase survivability, DPS, or maybe even both. Getting charms for this can be done when training combat, so it’s also trained passively for the most part.

  • Decent Invention level for perks (74+)

After getting the requirements for Invention, just augment your gear and start disassembling/siphoning your gear. Train up like you do with combat/Slayer and the levels will flow in.

  • Money for Mazcab Ability Codices

These codices unlock powerful abilities in the form of Corruption Shot, Corruption Blast, Storm Shards, Shatter, and Onslaught. The Corruption abilities are 100% worth getting and should be your highest priorities in unlocking, as they are your most powerful basic abilities for Ranged and Magic respectively. Unlock Onslaught next, as that’s another extremely powerful ability to use when your damage boosting ultimate is on cooldown or when you need to do a lot of damage in a short amount of time. Storm Shards and Shatter are much more situational and only good for very specific conditions, so buy them last. Each codex at the time of this writing (September 28) is worth around 12m, which is an absolute steal for how good all of these abilities are.

Some bosses like GWD2 can also let you get away without a few of these requirements so you can build up some cash for the requirements up there, so take advantage of them as much as possible.

Which Boss???

Without a doubt, you should start with solo bosses. The first boss(es) you should be doing at first are GWD1 bosses. Get accustomed to being able to do DPS effectively. If you meet all the requirements above, aim for sub-25 second kills, then sub-20, then sub-15 seconds. If not, aim to camp them for an hour’s worth without banking. Keep trying until you either can achieve them or you feel comfortable enough with low-end PvM. I recommend either Kree’arra or K’ril Tsutsaroth as your GWD1 boss of choice. Move onto Commander Zilyana right after.

GWD2 is the logical next step. Start with Vindicta and/or Twin Furies, then move onto Helwyr and Gregorovic. Helwyr/Gregorovic are fairly mechanic-based, while Vindicta/Furies are more DPS-focused bosses with minimal mechanics to deal with.

After all that, head to Araxxor and Telos. These two are the best solo money making in the game with their own slew of mechanics/strategies to deal with. Mastering both encounters will put your PvM knowledge at a fairly good level.

When you get solo bossing down, start getting into the group bosses like Vorago/RotS, then get your feet wet with Raids. After doing the higher-end bosses like Araxxor/Telos, you don’t really need to go to Nex/KK to learn, so you’ll be fine skipping straight from Araxxor/Telos to Vorago/RotS/Raids.

Learning Roles

Learning tank roles at bosses like Vorago/Raids will heavily increase your chances of getting into teams. The more roles you know, the more valuable you are as a team player, so try to learn roles as much as possible. Generally, learning roles is basically “baptism by fire” – you’re going in with mostly no experience, and the only way to get better is to practice.

Of course, before trying to learn tank roles, you’ll want to have a basic understanding of how to use certain defensive abilities at the right time. So to learn, you’ll want to go back to Helwyr and start bringing a shield switch for certain times. As an example, you’d want to Resonance his bleed attack and Devotion/Reflect/Revenge his fury swipes, depending on what’s active or not. After that, go start practicing rotating defensives at something like solo Yakamaru, then you’ll be fine in trying roles.

Expanding to BiS

So you learned as much roles as you want and made enough money for even more upgrades. Beyond what’s listed before lies upgrades that are slight upgrades but not complete gamechangers, listed in order of priority.

  • Quests and other miscellaneous gear listed here
  • Praesul Codices
  • T92 weapons
  • Min-maxing perks (like Precise 4 + Equilibrium 2 and Crackling 3 + Venomblood)
  • Reprisal