Ring of Death

The ring of death is an extremely popular choice ever since the buff to hydrix jewelry in July 2015, all due to its new passive effect: upon death, it shields you from Death’s office and teleports you directly to the last city you passed through, at the cost of 15% charge. At the price of a full recharge with onyx back then (2m for two onyxes), it only costed 300k, an extremely cheap cost for the potential to protect a full set of tribrid gear and a yak full of brews. Of course, increased demand causes increased price, and onyx has slowly but surely soared to be much more expensive in today’s world it peaked to 2m per onyx at one point! Today onyx has risen to roughly 2.2m as of this writing (April 10, 2017). Regardless, it’s a good idea to think twice about taking it or just bring a different ring to just buy back from Death.

This article details comparisons between the ring of death cost (assuming each onyx is 2.2m, each death would cost 660,000 gp) and buying back from Death with 5 items protected. Running to grave will not be included as it’s almost always more expensive than buying back from Death (barring a few welfare options).

T90 Melee (dual wield):

DW Melee Inv.png
DW Melee Cost.png

T90 Ranged (dual wield):

DW Ranged Inv.png
DW Ranged Cost.png

T90 Magic (dual wield):

DW Magic Inv.png
DW Magic Cost.png

T90 Melee (2h):

2h Melee Inv.png
2h Melee Cost.png

T90 Ranged (2h):

2h Ranged Inv.png
2h Ranged Cost.png

T90 Magic (2h):

2h Magic Inv.png
2h Magic Cost.png

Achto setups:

Achto Inv.png
Achto Cost.png

What’s special about the T90 tank armors is that they all protect for the same value, and their values are much lower than T90 power armor. As such, adding Melee and Ranged will be redundant as the weapons will be protected as well.

T90 Melee (hybrid):

Hybrid Melee Inv.png
Hybrid Melee Cost.png

T90 Ranged (hybrid):

Hybrid Ranged Inv.png
Hybrid Ranged Cost.png

T90 Magic (hybrid):

Hybrid Magic Inv.png
Hybrid Magic Cost.png

These are all by far not your typical setups, but only for the most efficient DPSers.