Combat Glitches

Adrenaline pls???

If you haven’t attacked an enemy for over 10.2 seconds, any basic abilities used will no longer gain adrenaline until you have actively used an autoattack or ability on an enemy. A good way to prevent getting scammed for adrenaline is to use Storm Shards to build adrenaline before 10.2 seconds, but if that’s off cooldown make sure to hit the enemy with an autoattack first.

If out of combat and you target an enemy and use an ability right after within the same tick, that ability won’t gain adrenaline.


This is a beneficial bug for Magic only. If you press a spell right as you’re supposed to do an autoattack alongside an ability, you can use both an autoattack and an ability at the same time.

2h example

Dual wield example

You can also use this to cast debuffs.

Channel Break

If your target forces you to move while you’re using a channeled ability like Rapid Fire or Asphyxiate or Assault by running out of range, your attack is canceled automatically. Frenzy/Unload cancel if the target even moves.

However, if you’re underneath the enemy while using Snipe and you run a maximum of two steps, Snipe will still trigger. Any farther and it’ll cancel though. And if your target runs on top of you or moves in the first place (but you yourself don’t move), your channel won’t be cancelled.

Price Gouging

Not directly tied to combat, but if buying back from Death to reclaim items, items that are bought directly from an NPC (Keris, Dragon Rider amulet, and asylum surgeon ring as some examples) use the original price as the reclaim price! Some like Keris isn’t too bad (20k), but others like the Dragon Rider amulet or asylum surgeon ring are outrageous (500k!!!). As such, if you’re buying from Death and have either the Dragon Rider amulet or asylum surgeon ring, protect them over others. You will not regret it.

RIP Excalibur

Enhanced Excalibur is an amazing tool to regain LP for free (40% LP heal over the course of 40 seconds, with a 5 minute cooldown). However, the effect can be prematurely canceled by:

– Triggering a phoenix necklace/Immortality heal/sign of life
– Entering a cutscene (Vorago’s death/maul animation, RotS ending cutscene)
– Absolutely random stuff (Vorago phase change, exiting the exploding tunnel in RotS)

Queuing Woes

Ability queuing is wonderful to use for the right person, but it can also potentially screw you over if using defensive abilities. If you queue a defensive ability like Resonance or Freedom and it activates on the same tick as a hit splat, that defensive won’t work against that same hit, whereas if you just pressed it normally it would work.

On the flip side however, if you are using Snipe and instantly queue a different ability right after, you can use Snipe within 3 ticks just like Dragonbreath or Decimate, making Snipe one of the absolute best abilities in the game, even more than it already is.