Accuracy VS Damage

Accuracy is important in today’s RuneScape. With skill-based ability rotations, bad accuracy can get in the way of that and mess you up at the wrong time and place (solo Nex at Blood and RotS).

Naturally though, there are gear choices that give higher accuracy but lower damage, and vice versa. This article goes more in depth of which one is more worth taking compared to the other choice.

Void VS T90 armor

This is fairly well-documented. Void carries a 7% damage boost and 3% accuracy boost compared to T90’s +114 damage (171 ability damage if dual wield/2h). The thing about Void and T90 armor, though, is that Void’s damage boost is already very competitive with T90 armor damage.

T90 is 2061 and Void is 1908 * 1.07, totaling to 2041. Note that with overloads, this is a mere 0.9% DPS difference! Now there are other things that skew this like no boost on bleed damage (very bad since bleeds are among the best abilities in the game), but with Void carrying such a minor damage decrease for 3% accuracy that eclipses the DPS loss, Void can easily beat out T90.

There’s a catch to using Void though – the low defenses will hurt a LOT at Araxxor and Raids. It’s best to use T90 armor over Void at those two places because a huge bulk of the damage in Araxxor and Raids come from autoattacks, and T90 armor is very good in blocking a lot of damage. Brewing to restore health will decrease accuracy temporarily, negating the accuracy boost of Void. As such T90 is better when you need armor.

However, this is all without Invention perks. On Void, you only have Precise 5 + Equilibrium 3/Aftershock 3 on weapons, for a 6.25% and 4% DPS increase respectively. The optimal T90 perking setup has the above with Crackling 3 (flat 3k damage per minute), Impatient 3 (27% chance for 3% extra adrenaline per basic, which can help make for a double Wild Magic under Sunshine with no adrenaline potion/Invigorate), and Biting 3 (with Aftershock 3). Biting 3 alone is a good 3.75% DPS increase by itself, so taking that on average, 2061 * 1.0375 = 2138, a good 4.7% stronger than Void! Even without Biting 3, Crackling 3’s flat damage and Impatient 3’s adrenaline buff overtakes Void’s lesser damage and accuracy boost.


Void is better than unaugmented T90 if not taking much autoattack damage. Augmented T90 (or even T80) is flat-out better.

Scrimshaws of damage VS Scrimshaws of accuracy

Ok, this is a no-brainer. Scrimshaws of damage (consisting of cruelty and elements) boost damage by 5%/6% (depending on inferior/superior) and scrimshaws of accuracy (consisting of Attack, Ranging, and Magic) boosts accuracy by 2%/4% (depending on inferior/superior). The paltry accuracy boost of the latter is never enough to out-DPS cruelty/elements.

However, accuracy scrimshaws have one niche use for tanking roles, where DPS isn’t that important compared to getting reliable Debilitates. So it’s not completely useless, but it’s still not a very good choice as tanks should also try to do as much damage as possible.

Recently, there has been theories that certain damage boosts like Berserker auras and scrimshaws don’t contribute to push damage at Vorago at Phase 5. Because of their theoretical ineffectiveness, that is quite literally the only time where accuracy scrimshaws are flat-out superior to damage scrimshaws.


Cruelty/elements all the way, baby. Unless tanking, but even that’s a bit shaky. However, they’re a better choice for Vorago, if only for easier P5 pushes. Even then though, God books are superior than accuracy scrimshaws.

Dark Magic VS accuracy auras

This is where things get a bit interesting. Dark Magic has a chance of inflicting a corrupting bleed per ability, that does 1500, 1200, 960, then 768 damage. In total, that’s 4428 damage, worth about similar to a 170%+ ability (if it ever existed), over the course of 10 seconds. Activation is random, though, so be mindful of that. In addition, if another person is using Dark Magic, their damage can override yours, cutting off your DPS by a bit. Dark Magic is also hybrid though, so if hybridding at bosses, Dark Magic is extremely good.

Accuracy auras at the best tier (Brawler, Sharpshooter, and Runic Accuracy – Berserker auras are discounted due to their obvious damage buff) boosts accuracy by 10%, effectively increasing the average damage of all attacks by ~10%. It’s very good and it can certainly add up better than Dark Magic, but it’s all dependent on ability rotations.


Accuracy auras are still overall better, but keep in mind that Dark Magic’s damage is independent of dual wielding and 2h, meaning you do the same damage irregardless of using a shield setup or 2h or whatever. As such it’s a viable choice for tanking, but accuracy auras’ big boost is hard to beat. However, Dark Magic is by far much better if accuracy auras don’t provide a big enough boost compared to Dark Magic, like at GWD2.

Dark Magic does make for a good back-up aura though. And if hybridding, Dark Magic works for all three styles as opposed to accuracy auras only working for one specific style.

Dragon Rider amulet VS Reaper necklace

I can’t really compare the amulet of souls with the reaper necklace because both are used for different reasons (the former for good damage reduction and good Soul Split healing and the latter for the accuracy buff). But there is a good replacement candidate: the Dragon Rider amulet.

At first glance reaper necklace is clearly the superior choice. And you know what? You’re right. The damage is higher, and who cares about the puny Prayer bonus of the Dragon Rider amulet? That’s until you start comparing the two: the Dragon Rider amulet provides a big buff to Dragon Breath: a 10% damage boost and a 10% chance of applying a bleed to the enemy when using Dragon Breath. This boosts damage pretty sky-high and overall even overtakes the damage boost of the amulet of souls. This only applies to Magic for obvious reasons, though. Melee/Ranged, replace it with the amulet of souls.

But that doesn’t really compare to the reaper necklace’s accuracy boosting passive, where for every successful hit increases hit chance (not accuracy! BIG difference between hit chance increase and accuracy boost) by 0.1%, up to a cap of 30 stacks (3% hit chance boost). This accuracy boost combined with the slightly higher damage of the reaper necklace allows reaper to overtake Dragon Rider.

That said, any stacks built up by reaper is removed if you equip a different necklace (for example, phoenix necklaces). In addition, stacks go away naturally after 50 seconds, so you need to keep attacking to maintain your stacks. Dragon Rider is consistent so you don’t need to worry about this.

So if you are in a state where you can’t attack constantly (Phases 3 through 8 in Hard Mode Vorago), Dragon Rider is better. If you can always attack constantly, then reaper is better.


Reaper necklace is better than the Dragon Rider amulet, provided you can constantly attack and/or if you’re not Magic. If you can’t, Dragon Rider is better. In addition, if you do a lot of phoenix necklace switching, Dragon Rider is better.

T90 gloves VS Dominion gloves

This is somewhat of a special case because Dominion gloves don’t directly give an accuracy boost. Instead, they have a 5% chance of a basic doing 25% more damage and applying a debuff that drains the target’s Defence level by 7 (and can’t go further than that). At majority of relevant bosses, they just regenerate stats, effectively negating the drain. However, it does last for only a few seconds, so in those few seconds you and other teammates can hit more accurately.

In addition, on complete average, Dominion gloves’ damage boost is the same as the boost of T90 gloves. However, since you’re never always using basics, T90 gloves still edge out in terms of pure damage due to the boost to thresholds and ultimates. Not to mention, the gloves can potentially proc on a weak ability like Wrack or Piercing Shot, wasting the potential boost.

Some bosses are not immune to stat drains, however. Yakamaru and Telos are not immune to drains, so Dominion gloves working on them is very helpful to permanently increase accuracy. However, at Telos, he starts regenerating stats after 50% enrage. The speed at which he regenerates increases as enrage increases, so it gets progressively worse and worse until it would barely make a difference. At Yakamaru it still retains use. If you use a Guthix staff for the spec, though, that wipes out a lot of use for Dominion gloves since each successful hit lowers Defence by 4 levels, has no cap, and applies a Defence-decreasing debuff that lasts for 1 minute on all bosses that can be refreshed. Due to that, Dominion gloves get less use than normal. Statius’s warhammer also completely removes the need for pretty much any accuracy buff, but due to the insane cost it’s not a factor here.


T90 gloves are overall better due to greater reliability, but Dominion gloves can play decent support in group bosses. That support’s value varies based on what your team packs like Statius’s warhammer or Guthix staff, but if they don’t bring anything like that, Dominion gloves are still pretty good at group bosses. Although this isn’t counted for the comparisons, they also have tank stats with damage reduction so they’re a hybrid of tank/DPS that can be useful to those that tank like bomb tanking Hard Mode Vorago or basing Yakamaru.