About Us

Boss School first started up in March-April 2015 by Crash 37. At the time, he focused on low-to-mid level bossing to help people get their first taste in PvM. Slowly but surely, the FC grew and grew, eventually expanding to what it is today.

I personally (Evil Lucario) joined in fairly early, around May 2015. I had knowledge of every single boss except for Hard Mode Vorago, and I helped take people to the higher-leveled bosses like Nex, Vorago, and Rise of the Six.

Eventually Crash quit due to both real life commitments and events that happened ingame (outside of the FC), handing ownership to me in September 2015… and the rest is history.

We teach all bosses (even Hard Mode Vorago!), and we host many events throughout the week. Pop in our FC and start PvMing with us!