Welcome to Boss School – one of the largest and oldest PvM teaching FCs in RuneScape! We are a group of like-minded PvMers dedicated to helping inexperienced players get their feet wet at a certain boss or helping more experienced players simply look for a team to PvM with. Anyone can pop in and join, PvM, and make bank. There are no official killcount requirements with us, however we will have our gear requirements for bosses.

We know some people are not very experienced PvMers and are seeking assistance with many things PvM related, so we would like to help everyone with that and help improve at all aspects of PvMing. So if you want to learn any bosses, need help to defeat any bosses, need help with reaper tasks, or are simply getting killcount for Final Boss… that’s what we’re here for! However, this is not a place for people to simply get their one kill for Reaper titles/comp requirements. This is an FC that wants to teach people bosses in order to camp for more money/fun of their own.

We do FFA + split, unless stated otherwise (for Vorago seismics will be split but it’s up to the team to split energies, and for RotS, duo Araxxor, and Raids unique drops are not split).

We use Discord as our platform of voice communication. Check us out there!


We hope to see you in the FC!

~ Evil Lucario
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